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Surprise! ^^

Today, my birthday. :)

As a normal routine of every birthday, I wanted to go to temple.
And that wish was fulfilled by Hari anna n Shalu akka as they agreed to follow me.
After spending a long time in temple,
We went to Indian shop to fill our tummy.
Saw our lecturer who is also Suraj anne's father with his wife.
My birthday cake. :D
He paid our dinner. ^^
Thanks to him. Heee..

Thence, went to Secret Recipe to have some cake.
To my surprise,
The cake was brought to our table accompanied by "Happy Birthday" song as well as 2 big candles and 1 small candle which denotes my age, 21 years.

I waited there till the song ends with unstoppable smile and teary eyes.
I wished and cut the slice of chocolate cake.
Everyone clapped for me.

I thought this year birthday was going to be a normal one.
Thought everyone forgot that its my special birthday.

But Shalu akka and Hari anne made it special.
Even though it was just a slice of cake and only three of us.
The thought itself, the thought to celebrate it was more than everything else.
Thank you so much akka and anne.
I will never forget what you did for me today. :)

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