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Something that doesn't come on its own,
Something that should be earned.
Yea, but whatever it is, regardless of your age, post, and doctorates,
you should respect one another even if the person is an illiterate.
Same goes other way around,
Youngsters should respect adults,
Adults should respect youngsters too.
Because, the EDUCATION that brought you all these fame,
had taught about human rights, equality, humanism and every other noble values.
IF, you have few doctorates, PhD's, excel very excellently in education,
But you fail in respecting another human being,
Then whatever you had learnt has no value.

This is merely because, the knowledge we learn is to help our future,
But the indirect learning that we have acquired is the thing that makes us a 'human'.

Only when you are a human, you are respected.

Regarding the current hot issue.
I'm not saying that the girl nor the moderator was right,
I'm not good in politics either.
I don't know if the fact was right or not,
But all that I know is,
She demands respect.
She is a human being.
She ought to be respected, not humiliated.

In moral we had learnt openness value @ 'sikap keterbukaan' as well as  the right to talk @ 'kebebasan bersuara'.

Both the ladies had the right to voice out.
But they should remember their openness. Which means that one should be able to GIVE and RECEIVE thoughts, new ideas as well as critiques in accordance to the facts and the norms in a society.

SO, in this context, facts. I believe that when we are telling about something, we should have facts to support us, we can't simply blame people, right?
Next, norms in a society, Our society, Malaysian society is known for our COURTESY. RIGHT?
Where is our courtesy now?
Can't we voice out in a harmonic tone with some politeness?

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