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Happy Teacher's Day!

I wouldn't say that it is the only hardest, most noble nor amazing career.
But I would say that,
Because of this career, you and I can decode this encoded symbols.
Because of this career, you and I are pretty knowledgeable.
Because of this career, you and I are motivated to be where we are now.
And, because of that, I would like to thank all those who had taught, motivated, encouraged, supported and even had beliefs on me. Especially to my grandpa (my first teacher. :p), Tr. Roszana, Tr. Vasantha, Tr. Bremma,Tr. Jehan, Tr. Sulo and Tr. Fadzilah.

Without you I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you, teachers.

Not forgetting lecturers in IPG KDRI for being a part in the process of making me a teacher. :))

So, Thank you everyone. Continue to spread the love and our purpose.
Happy Teacher's Day to all the educators! (''o)

Kami guru Malaysia,
Berikrar dan berjanji
Mendidik dan memimpin
Putra putri negara kita.

#always felt the goosebumps when listening to this song. 
Never knew then, that I would be singing this song today.

#Saya Guru Malaysia

#I am a teacher in making.


4 to go!

Just after Behaviour n Classroom Management exam.
Um, first time went for exam after studying the whole subject in one night!
This semester is so. Actually I'm  the one who didn't give much effort.
So can't blame anyone if gt poor result for this semester..
Actually I can blame! ←_←
Since all my papers are one after one, I can blame the one who did the timetable for this exam. Because of him I don't have enough time to study!!. >_<¦¦¦

Okay enough of complaining. No one is giving a damn about it. :p
It's all gonna be my fault after all!

OK. Bye. I go study! :└(~…~)┘


I expected.

I expected this to happen. :)
Whatever it may be or look.
It might be just what God wants for us.
Anyway, we have another five years to see the efficacy of this party. :)
I was having trouble to decide which is the better one.
So, now God have given me plenty of time to see, think and decide..
Hope this people can accomplish all their promises.

Among all that, I hope and wish that the people of this nation will start to see each other as one. Kita kan 1 Malaysia. ;)

Don't want to hear stories like, "He really beat up a Malasysian because he thought he was a Bangladeshi."
Know your own people, then this kind of issues wouldn't even rise. :)

Have a nice day people.
#congratulations bn


How I wish!

Wish I was just like Tony stark!
Can be an expert in my studies in like just one night!
He have such a memory!! Oh My!!
How I wish I have Jarvis too!



Exams are just around d corner.. ~>_<~
And i have not started anything!! ~T_T~
Oh, maann!!
And 4 out of 5papers are one after one.. +_+*
13.05.2013⇨Behaviour and classroom management
14.05.2013⇨ Teaching listening and speaking skills in an ESL primary class
15.05.2013 is d craziest day!!
⇨ Teaching reading skills and vocabulary in primary ESL classroom
⇨ Song and Poetry for young learner in primary ESL classroom
20.05.2013⇨ kurikulum dan pedagogi sains pendidikan rendah

Die la this time! Timetable so packed!!!
I have to do something. ::>_<::
*Stress gilerrr*


New Header image. :)

I love the Avatar like since long time ago.
All started when my little but tall brother was so into it. Since he had the power over the television, I just watch whatever things that he watch.
But, soon, I started to fall in love with this cartoon.
It was like more than just a cartoon.
I enjoyed it. I learned from it. It was amazing. It was super cool.

This image is like the overall idea of what I had learned.
Cool right?
I know. :p
I just love Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko and Toph. ^^

This cartoon taught me that, everyone has a speciality.
Everyone has a talent.
Everyone has a purpose in this world.
Everyone has the power to make a decision, to make a changes. To make the world a better place to live.
Everyone learn all the important things in life from their own selves, experiences and basically everything that one goes through in the journey of life.
Among all that, I learned that family, friendship and relationships are the best thing that can ever happen to a person. :)

Let's see.

Never expected that I would mean so much less than him.
Just for the sake of a politcn?
Try to differentiate between the things that I share from wherever I read and hear and the things that I say from my own view.
That's two different things.
There's limit for everything. Yesterday was the limit.
Feel so disappointed and hurt.

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