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Ponggal. ^^

Ponggal. Have always been home for this special occasion.
But not for the past 3 years (including 2013)

Kinda miss those days where,
I had to prepare with my mom for the prayers.
Where my part is obviously cleaning the house, preparing the prayer things,
then there comes the fun part, putting kolam.
I love that the most, even though I'm not good at it,
I'd still do it. :p
Love holding those colourful rice in hand. ^^

Then, there comes the morning prayer where mom will wait for the milk to boil during the sun rise.
Later she'd make some sweetened rice for us. Which indeed is superlicious. ^^
Then, we'd offer the milk and sweetened rice to God, thence, a prayer, and finally eating time.
Oh yea, we would always go to the temple in the evening.

This occasion is actually to the Sun, sun god.
A way of thanking Him for all the wonders.
Especially because, He helps in making the crops grow better.
SO, it is a token of appreciation. ^^

aAnd for those, who don't know,this occasion occurs for four days.
Begun with Bhogi. where we burn the old things that we don't want.
Then, Ponggal.
Then Maattu ponggal, An occasion for the cows.
And finally, Kanni ponggal. An occasion where the virgins take part. ( In which i haven't take part in it yet. :p)

SO, ponggal is tomorrow.
Here I am in campus.
But I can celebrate it by praying here in the room.
May Suriya Bhagavan always shine upon us. ^^
Happy Ponggal. :D

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