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Safe journey to all those going back home to celebrate Deepavali.
And to those like me, I mean those who are going to celebrate Deepavali not at home, go on, plan something! :D
Even though it is still early, Happy Deepavali everyone, especially to those lonely souls in hostels (like me). ;)



I'm gonna see if you love me the way I love you tomorrow, right at 8.15am at H4. Hope you won't disappoint me.
I love you LGA3103. aka Stories for Young Learners. 

Seeing exam in new perspective.
Do well in exam n I'm a step ahead in finishing the course in 2 years.

#Counting days to finish semester 4.

All the best to me n everyone else!
Revise n pour everything on the paper tomorrow. (Not literally okay?)

God give us the strength to do well tomorrow.  Gambate!  :D


They are real. Not just in fables.

Underground Spring, Mexico

Cherrapunji, India

Rainbow Mountain, China
Light Pillars over Moscow

Shores of Vaadhoo, Maldives

Reflective Salt Flats in Bolivia

Haiku Stairs, Hawaii

Chemerong Waterfall, Malaysia (on the way to the mountain, you can see the waterfall, just like in the picture _I saw it myself during a visit -_^ )

Credits and for more photos:


Incredible Mother Nature

Mother Nature.
Our Beautiful, incredible yet kind Mother Nature.

Despite all the cruelty done to the mother nature,
mother nature does only one thing to us. It gives. All the time.

It fulfills our needs.
It becomes an eye candy for us with its' beauty
It helps us to calm down.

But, as all of us know, there's a limit for everything.
How much can the earth accept. When all we do is, abusing, polluting, destroying and not loving it.
At times, its only fair when you pay for what you do/take.
But, in this case, we take then we pay.
And we pay in terms of experiencing mother nature's anger in the form of disasters.
From it, we realize that we can never be able to rise from the effect, easily.
Still, we forget all that after sometimes.

Nature of human, I guess. To forget after sometime.

Anyway, love it while you still have it.
There's no use in lamenting after it is gone.

This is applicable not only to humans but to everything around us. Including Mother Nature.

If life is too boring, look out of your window.
There are a lot more that you have not seen..
Life is not the same when you have the whole earth to explore.

Here are some of God's beautiful creation.


Just saw a video. A VIRAL VIDEO on how KIND three ladies were towards an INNOCENT and HELPLESS puppy.

Couldn't see till the end of the 19minutes-length video.
A video of slow-torture that ends in the death of the puppy.

I am NOT an animal lover.
But I would have never even thought of abusing an animal.




Poor puppy, it was trying it's best to run from the three monsters.
It had strong will till its' death..
It did all it could to stay alive, it did not give up till its last breath..
Even after it died, they still continued the SADIST work..
I don't know how to label these three people.

I thought women are full of love for they are mothers to be.
But after watching this video, i have doubt over it.
I wonder what their heart are made off.. Stone?
Even stone can be broken by water.
But these women.. I got no idea how they had the heart to do it.

As for the three ladies.
#Karma is a bitch.
Either you three repent and save all the struggling puppies out there and reduce your sin or just wait for God's 'gifts' for you acts.
Oh yea, not forgetting LAW. Just enjoy your days till you are discovered.

I hope you won't go through the same thing that the puppy did for you three will never be able to take it.
And IF, IF it is really because of money, they did all that, then I have nothing to say.

May the soul of the fighter, strong-willed puppy, rest in peace.
May it be in loving hands of God..


Engirunthu vanthai..
Ennai enna seithai..
Ithu mudiva, illai muthala..
Bathil kuurada...

In a dilemma. Not sure of what to do..


Maybe have not given up yet.
But, not sure.
Don't know what's happening.


Still counting. :)

Third year. Still counting. :)
May this relationship lasts forever.
Want to wait for this day for next many decades of year, together with you.
We always have our ups and downs.
But I know and you know too. That we can never make a day good without talking to each other.
In you I seek, for I see many in you.
Love you. More and more. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.
God bless us. :)
God bless this relationship.


Hands Off!

I admit.
I am a selfish.
I hate to share my things. Especially if it means so much to me.
You better be aware of it.
I'm so freaking angry right now.
Feel like shoving my fist on your face.

You don't have to show your 'caring sh*t.
I know how to take care of him.
My wish if I want to scold him or what so ever.
I hate the very fact he asks about you.
Now that I know what you did.
I just can't keep my cool.
I don't care if it is a small, tiny stuff.


Death reminds me of LIFE.

Rest in Peace, periappa.
We got attached lately.
Sad that I did not get close to you earlier.
Still could remember the way you smiled at me.
I myself would get upset if someone did not understand what I was saying, but I wonder how you could stand when people don't get you with you not being able to speak.
I still could remember you repeating so that I could understand what you were trying to say.
I loved your will and determination to live.
I loved the way you stood so proud of me.
Thank lord for giving me one final chance to be with you right before you leave us forever.

Your demise.
Reminded me of  life.
So easily I took life for granted.
For I believed everyday is the same as I do the same thing again and again everyday.
One thing I forgot.
I forgot that God had written everything for us.
I forgot that any moment anything could happen.
Life is not to be taken easily.
Time is not to be taken easily.

One should do everything that they have to do while they still live the second.
For the next second is not ours.
For time and death waits no man.

Rest in Peace, periappa.
May your afterlife relieve you from all your pains and restrictions.


A story.

A girl with a pretty little piece of glass.
Nothing comes perfect. Everything has its defect.
Same goes to the glass.
It had cracks and scratches.
With it in hand, nothing could be done.
She kept finding for somewhere that she could the glass where it would be safe.
She saw a wall in a good condition.
She hung the glass on the wall.
It was broken all of sudden.
She picked up the pieces.
Patched it.
She saw another wall.
She thought for sometime.
She thought it was the best.
And so.
Again she hung it on the wall.
It fell again.
What should she do with the glass that had broken again and again.?
What should she do with the shattered pieces of glass that pricks herself.?



Malas la dgn episod tarik muke dgn msg Yg emo menggila ni. uh.
Dah kalo x suke nak layan tak payah la suruh msj,  suruh tengok fb Dan bagainye.  Rasa bodoh je komen lps tu komen tinggal gitu je. Dah kalo susah sgt nk comment tu like je la. Atleast tanda dah baca komen tu. Takde la aku rasa bengong.  Macam la aku ni desperate sgt.  Please la! Huh!


Love vs. Pleasing

Something that everyone should read and understand.
A reminder for myself too. :)

Love. The happiness in receiving love is not the same as getting approval from pleasing others.

Love. Don't please others in the name of love.
Because, pleasing people is not easy. 

Belief in yourself that you're loving one with your whole heart and that you're doing great at what you're doing. That would give you and your partner the utmost happiness.
Pleasing, Approval nor Expectation is going to break your heart or upset you the most. It is never gonna make you happy.
Love is the only thing that will last and make you smile forever.

An article that I read recently. 

We should quit making it our ultimate priority to please our partners, because pleasing our partners and loving them are two entirely different things.
 Oftentimes, our efforts to please our partners leave us frustrated and hopeless and less likely to love.

When Approval is More Important Than Loving
And then the spouse waits, searching their partner for a reaction. Is she approving of what I’m doing? Will he affirm me for the progress I’m making? Am I saying all the right things?
When the spouse is not approving 'standard' of our love in terms of, not liking or approving the surprises and etc.
The spouse who, moments before, was stepping into the fullness of their capacity for love gets frustrated, gives up, clams up, and stops trying.
Love dies on the altar of our partners’ approval.

Not Perfect, But Beautiful
WHen a boy playing guitar search for approval—he made mistakes: he played the wrong note, made errors in fingering, or simply forgot what to play next.
When he began searching for affirmation, the music suffered.
So, his instructor told him to return to basics: keep your eyes on the music, don’t look up for affirmation, and simply play the song to the best of your ability.
The recital finally arrived. By the time he walked up to the front of the auditorium, he had memorized the music. But more importantly, approval was no longer important to him. He sat down and began.
And he played beautifully.
It wasn’t perfect. But he didn’t look up. He just played. It took courage. 

But even more importantly, it took determination—determination to play to the best of his ability and to trust he was good enough.


The only one.

The one who annoys me the most.
The one who irritates me the most.
The one who fights with me all the time.
The one who increases my pressure most of the time.
The one who never stop talking.
The one who causes me to be tired and have headache all the time
Is the same person as the one.
The one who loves me most.
The who remembers me all the time.
The one who misses me all time..
The one who cries each time I leave home.

The one.
The one I adore is the one I scold the most.
The one and only Varshah.
The one and only younger sister of mine.


Happy Teacher's Day!

I wouldn't say that it is the only hardest, most noble nor amazing career.
But I would say that,
Because of this career, you and I can decode this encoded symbols.
Because of this career, you and I are pretty knowledgeable.
Because of this career, you and I are motivated to be where we are now.
And, because of that, I would like to thank all those who had taught, motivated, encouraged, supported and even had beliefs on me. Especially to my grandpa (my first teacher. :p), Tr. Roszana, Tr. Vasantha, Tr. Bremma,Tr. Jehan, Tr. Sulo and Tr. Fadzilah.

Without you I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you, teachers.

Not forgetting lecturers in IPG KDRI for being a part in the process of making me a teacher. :))

So, Thank you everyone. Continue to spread the love and our purpose.
Happy Teacher's Day to all the educators! (''o)

Kami guru Malaysia,
Berikrar dan berjanji
Mendidik dan memimpin
Putra putri negara kita.

#always felt the goosebumps when listening to this song. 
Never knew then, that I would be singing this song today.

#Saya Guru Malaysia

#I am a teacher in making.


4 to go!

Just after Behaviour n Classroom Management exam.
Um, first time went for exam after studying the whole subject in one night!
This semester is so. Actually I'm  the one who didn't give much effort.
So can't blame anyone if gt poor result for this semester..
Actually I can blame! ←_←
Since all my papers are one after one, I can blame the one who did the timetable for this exam. Because of him I don't have enough time to study!!. >_<¦¦¦

Okay enough of complaining. No one is giving a damn about it. :p
It's all gonna be my fault after all!

OK. Bye. I go study! :└(~…~)┘


I expected.

I expected this to happen. :)
Whatever it may be or look.
It might be just what God wants for us.
Anyway, we have another five years to see the efficacy of this party. :)
I was having trouble to decide which is the better one.
So, now God have given me plenty of time to see, think and decide..
Hope this people can accomplish all their promises.

Among all that, I hope and wish that the people of this nation will start to see each other as one. Kita kan 1 Malaysia. ;)

Don't want to hear stories like, "He really beat up a Malasysian because he thought he was a Bangladeshi."
Know your own people, then this kind of issues wouldn't even rise. :)

Have a nice day people.
#congratulations bn


How I wish!

Wish I was just like Tony stark!
Can be an expert in my studies in like just one night!
He have such a memory!! Oh My!!
How I wish I have Jarvis too!



Exams are just around d corner.. ~>_<~
And i have not started anything!! ~T_T~
Oh, maann!!
And 4 out of 5papers are one after one.. +_+*
13.05.2013⇨Behaviour and classroom management
14.05.2013⇨ Teaching listening and speaking skills in an ESL primary class
15.05.2013 is d craziest day!!
⇨ Teaching reading skills and vocabulary in primary ESL classroom
⇨ Song and Poetry for young learner in primary ESL classroom
20.05.2013⇨ kurikulum dan pedagogi sains pendidikan rendah

Die la this time! Timetable so packed!!!
I have to do something. ::>_<::
*Stress gilerrr*


New Header image. :)

I love the Avatar like since long time ago.
All started when my little but tall brother was so into it. Since he had the power over the television, I just watch whatever things that he watch.
But, soon, I started to fall in love with this cartoon.
It was like more than just a cartoon.
I enjoyed it. I learned from it. It was amazing. It was super cool.

This image is like the overall idea of what I had learned.
Cool right?
I know. :p
I just love Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko and Toph. ^^

This cartoon taught me that, everyone has a speciality.
Everyone has a talent.
Everyone has a purpose in this world.
Everyone has the power to make a decision, to make a changes. To make the world a better place to live.
Everyone learn all the important things in life from their own selves, experiences and basically everything that one goes through in the journey of life.
Among all that, I learned that family, friendship and relationships are the best thing that can ever happen to a person. :)

Let's see.

Never expected that I would mean so much less than him.
Just for the sake of a politcn?
Try to differentiate between the things that I share from wherever I read and hear and the things that I say from my own view.
That's two different things.
There's limit for everything. Yesterday was the limit.
Feel so disappointed and hurt.



First outing for a movie. All the way to Kerteh-Kemaman.

Didn't get the first show on the first day but managed the third show of the first day. hahaha.
#still firsd day eh# *winkwink*

Went with Hari anne, Sharvina and  Arrent.a.k.a Ta Ling.

So, this is what had happened.

8.30am  : Left IPG
9.00am  : Had marvelous breakfast at Chinatown.
              We had 'roti paun' a toast with a layer of butter and kaya that we have to spread on the bread    
               on our own. it was so delicious because it was crunchy and the butter n kaya, I could feel
               the melting, mellowing butter and kaya in my mouth. And the coffee, one of the best that I
               had had.
10.00am : Left to Kemaman
12.00pm : Reached Mesra Mall, went to check the tickets. The first 2 shows were full so had to take
                5.45pm show. Bought tickets. Bought some 'buah tangan' to bring to Sharvina's house.
1.00pm  : Reached Sharvina's home. Had superlicious homemade Terengganuish Indian food.
              Had super juicy and sweet mango and kek batik also. Talked and talked. Felt so at home. ^_^
4.30 pm : Freshen up, left Kemaman to Mesra Mall at about 5pm.
5.30pm  : Reached on time for movie. ENjoyed the awesome movie.
8.00pm  : Did some spring shopping, left to IPG
10.30pm : Reached IPG

:: It was tiring but its worth it!
my all time eye candy! *drool* muahahaha,


Can't comment or like on Facebook?

I am facing the above mentioned problem from just now. This stuff really got my nerves. Huhh.

I'm not someone who can stand not good changes that occurs drastically.  I mean out occurred even without giving warning. I'm so hating it right now. Eeee. :@

I searched for the cause of this problem. And  found two reasons.
First. Its because something is wrong with the internet setting. Something top do with cookies or something.

Which I can't be mad at.

So. the Second one.  Its because some crazy people had blocked me in Facebook for posting inappropriate stuffs.

Oh. Please la. I'm not someone like that. If ur so annoyed with my posts. Feel free to unfriend and get going.

What you did. It makes people's work go havoc.

Fine. Facebook is not so important. But yet. Its like a must. For me to check everyday.
So because of you:
-I'm angry right nie
- I had to waste time top find for the solution which I can't find yet.
-and etc.

So, thank u. :p

Girls day out

Yesterday went for dinner with classmates. Just the girls.
Went to a shop, it was kinds dirty. Siew Chen was like, "Nisha, this its so dirty, how am I supposed to sit here."
Hehe. Her voice is so cute and the way she says that. hehe. That's the cutest thing about her.

Fruit juice seemed to be the who's each of us ordered a drink. I ordered kiwi juice. It was super awesome. And they had 3 different choice for your glass. Small, medium, and large.

If you ask me, the medium was already so big *couldn't finish my drink actually which was a medium glass*

So, I had, top either laksa or nasi briyani. Since the glass was big I doubted if I could eat a lot. So I had laksa. As I doubted. I didn't  finish my food. Muahaha. So isn't back to campus with a stomach that felt like it has a baby, so stretched and hard. Hehehe.

Overall, it was fun having dinner with classmates. Never did before. This might just be the beginning for a better rapport. Hopefully.gee.

Sorry ok didn't take any pictures my friends, once I have them, I'll post them here.

Have a nice day ahead people. :-)
Oh, I'm signing off with a big smiley since my class had been canceled. Which means that,I have no class at all today.
I know, that's a great be Ed. So. Um. Don't be jealous peeps. :p


My new post!

Hahaha.yea. This is my very first post from my new HP. Feel so excited la pula. Her. Baru la rasa macam Android user. Heee..

This HP is cool. Worth my allowances. Hope I didn't make any Hasty not wrong decision by buying this. Hee


I knew it!

I knew it! I knew this would happen!
Each time I plan something, each time I desire for something, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!
My bad, bad and bad luck, I could not buy XPERIA J!!! :'(

The salesgirl said that XPERIA J users complained stuffs after using it.
Then, how could I buy it, right??
So, here I am. Just bought a samsung.
Spent nearly rm800. :'(

I have to rely on my secret money and dad now! :'(
So sad.
The sadness and grief is more than the excitement of having a new hp, a new smartphone for the first time in my life!

Mood: I also don't know how to explain!


Shopping for HP. hahaha.
Gonna get a new hp. My new hp is still in a good condition just that the battery is having some trouble. sick already kot.
But, its only like 3years since I am using this hp.
This has been my favourite treasure,(even though i always drop it!)

So, right now, I'm looking for SONY XPERIA J.

Back to the story, XPERIA J.
I did some researching, thanks to MR.GOOGLE.
I even did ask the 'professionals'. hehehe. actually, yea, my personal professional advisor, Mr. He.
He also suggested me to buy XPERIA J.

Dad said okie too. hee. so what else, jom gi shopping! ;)

Will update as soon I got back home with A NEW MEMBER. :D
Have a nice day peeps! :D


Favourite Joke

One of my favourite joke. Hee..

A husband read an article to his wife about how many words women use a day.
30,000 to a man's 15,000.
The wife replied, 'The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything
to men...
The husband then turned to his wife and asked, 'What?'

Source: Unknown

100 questions about me.

I found this in my bestie's page. (here)
Felt that it was quite interesting. SO why not give it a shot. hehe.
And. yea.  I had edited some of it. hee. 

So, here we are:

1. Name

2. Middle name
erm, I don't have any. O.o

3. Location (only the country)

4. Age 
21 years.

5. Birthday date

6. Boyfriend/girlfriend
errmm. yea. ^^

7. Crush

8. Favorite subject
Add Maths, Physics and right now, ENGLISH .

9. Least favorite subject
Geography, Chemistry

10. Subjects you're best at
Additional Mathematics, Physics, BM, BI

11. Subjects you're worst at
Chemistry, Geography

12. Favorite film
a lot. mostly that got to do with saving the world. ^^

13. Least favorite film
anything which is illogical

14. Favorite programmed

15. Least favorite programmed
dramas with never ending episodes

16. Favorite song
a lot.

17. Least favorite song
songs that I don't understand

18. favorite artist
Naresh Iyer, Britney, JB, GVP

19. least favorite artist
erm. not sure. :p

20.Trapped on a deserted island or trapped in Antarctica?
Antartica. ^^

21. What are you most scared of?
being alone.

22. What song is stuck in your head?
Hey Baby Girl from MPM

23. Favorite color?
blue and white

24. Do you have any pets?

25. Favorite ever animal?

26. Latest fail/fml moment?
seen by outsiders when at crazy moments. =.=

27. Favorite joke?
why women use more word than men? ;)

28. Favorite food?
Indian Vegetarian

29. Favorite drink?
Fresh Orange

30. Random fact about you?
I love exploring. 

31. Do you have any siblings?

32. What are your siblings called?
younger brother and sis

33. Are you sarcastic?

34. Are you good at giving advice?
i think so.

35. Describe yourself in one word.

36. Names of your closet friends?
Eu and Reshie

37. Science or Tech?

38. Running or Swimming?

39. Are you sociable?
yea. :)

40. Are you a flirt?
not really.

41. What are your plans for Valentines Day?
movies, dinner, walk at the beach

42. Do you have a Valentine?

43. Favorite long song?
 tamil 90's hits

44. Favorite season of the year?

45. Favorite type of weather?

46. Favorite holiday?
any holiday as long it is a long holiday

47.4th July or Easter?
i don't celebrate both of it

48. Christmas or Thanksgiving?

49. Yahoo answers or Youtube?
Yahoo answers

50. Facebook or twitter?

51. What other websites do you currently have open?

52. What time is it where you are from?

53. Have you got this week off school (half term)?

54. Are you a good singer?
Im a good singer with not good voice. :p

55. P.E or art?

56. German or French?

57. Favorite quote?
sharing is caring. ^^

58. Have you like taking pictures?

59. Have you ever seen anybody live e.g. comedian or singer?

60. Harry potter or twilight?
Harry potter.

61. Religious?
yeah. but more to spiritualist. :)

62. Do you enjoy singing?

63. Do you have a phone?

64. Do you have a lot of friends?

65. Are you popular/nerdy/average/weird/emo/goth/oth...

66. Do you have twitter?

67. DO you have facebook?

68. Who do you look at for inspiration?
Anyone who is doing good in that particular field

69. Favorite actress?

70. Favorite actor?
Robert Jr. and anyone who acts well

71. Are you bored of this quiz? Well, don't give up yet...

72. Favorite clothing item?
dress and accessories.

73. Favorite brand?
Anything nice would do

74. Favorite shop?
Don't have any specifically.

75. Are your nails painted?

76. What's the color of your watch?
black, silver

77. What color is the top you are wearing?

78. What color are your eyes?

79. What color is your hair?

80. Justin Bieber or One Direction? 

81. Gore film or Horror film?
 Nope for both

82. Horror film or romantic film?

83. What does your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend look like?

84. What is your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend's personality like?
organized, funny

85. What is your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend called?

86. What would you name your children?
haven't decided yet

87. Favorite names?
Aryan, Archana

88. If you could have any name, what would it be?
Nisha or perhaps Lonika. :p

89. Know the cause oor date of death?

90. Bleed to death or painful death with no blood?
Painful death with no blood. O.o

91. Maths or English?

92. Rugby or Tennis?
Tennis, tried. so, Rugby.

93. Basketball or cricket?
of course basketball

94. Baseball or Soccer?

95. Favorite sport?

96. Do you like school?
yesh. I can meet my buddies.

97. Favorite music video?
Pookkal Pookkum Tahrunam and As Long As You Love Me

98. Lost your virginity yet?

99. How old were you when you had your first real date?
ermm. 20.

100. Do you regret any of your decisions in life?
yes and no.

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