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The language of love.. :))

Beauty is the only human aspect which cannot be captured on any canvas howsoever hard an artist tries.

At the most, the undaunted artist can replicate the beauty on paper but what is a replica in comparison to the original! 

The humbling resemblance can only be respected, not truly adored. 
Beauty cannot be imprisoned in the lens of a camera. 
The images of beauty are a moment of its essence. 

Beauty cannot be displayed to evoke pleasure for all on a cinema screen. 
Those are just its imprints, mere illusions of its existence.

Beauty cannot be described by words; it cannot be written or read about. 

There are no suitable words in all the languages of the world, ancient or modern to hold it between a paper and a pen or a script and an eye. 

Beauty can only be experienced from far, its delightful aroma can only be tasted through one’s eyes and its pleasurable sight can only be felt from the soul.
Beauty can only be best described at its origin through a befuddling silence, the kind that leaves one almost on the verge of a pleasurable death, just because one chooses beauty over life. 

There is nothing in this world to hold something so pure, so divine except a loving heart. 

And it is the only manner through which love recognizes love;

The language of love has no alphabet, no words.



Oh yess.
Ever wonder why we face difficulties? O.o
There may be a variety of causes.
Own mistake, as a lesson, as an experience and s forth.
But there's something that i had just realized, which is.

Whenever we face difficulties, God is reminding us that He still exist. hee,
This is because, people always tend to forget God during happy times and only remember God during difficult times.

I think this only happens to those who always seek to God's help when they have a problem or difficulties.

Yea, it is true.
Let's have a look.
For an instance, when one obtained a  very low mark for test.
We would hear people saying, 'Oh God, why me, why giving me such pain n bla2'
But when one had got a very good mark for a test.
Have any of us say, 'Praise the lord, thanks to Him that I could get this mark'
I'm pretty sure that is a rare case. One or two in a million maybe.  :P
All we could hear is only, 'I had worked really hard for this, finally I got it n etc'

See, people only want to share sadness with God.
Not happiness.

So God reminds us that He's still there by giving us some falls as that is how we remember him la kan.

Moral of the story: Share everything with God. He is not like other human beings who are like chipsmores. He will be there for us all the time. Not only when we have problems. SO yea. Love GOD. :D  I Love you GOD. :D


Oh How I Wish that It Was Easy to Be Alright..

So thankful to a friend of mine who had introduced me to Justin Bieber's Be Alright song.
I'm so floating in the air listening to the lyrics.
Feel its so much connected to me and him.
Hurmm. How I miss him, especially after fighting. :/
Anyway, we still have a long journey and I'm still lucky as I can talk with you. *winkwink* =)

So here's the lyric which had recently stole my attention. :p :))

Be Alright. :))

Across the ocean, across the sea,
Starting to forget the way you look at me now
Over the mountains, across the sky,
Need to see your face, I need to look in your eyes

Through the storm and through the clouds
Bumps on the road and upside down now
I know it's hard, babe, to sleep at night
Don't you worry
'cause everything's gonna be alright, 
Be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight

Through the sorrow, and the fights,
Don't you worry
'cause everything's gonna be alright
, ai-ai-ai-aight
Be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight

All alone, in my room
Waiting for your phone call to come soon
And for you, oh, I would walk a thousand miles,
To be in your arms, holding my heart

Oh I,
Oh I,
I love you
And everything's gonna be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
Be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight

Through the long nights
And the bright lights
Don't you worry
'cause everything's gonna be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
Be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight

You know that I care for youI'll always be there for youI promise I will stay right here, yeah
I know that you want me too,Baby we can make it through anything'Cause everything's gonna be alright, ai-ai-ai-aightBe alright, ai-ai-ai-aight

Through the sorrow, and the fights,
Don't you worry
'cause everything's gonna be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
Be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight

Through the sorrow, and the fights,
Don't you worry
Everything's gonna be alright.. :))


Something for you and me to remember and not to forget.

Having some hard times this few days. Don't even know why it is prolonging. :/
Everyone has their desires and dreams.
But not everything is fulfilled, carried out and done.
Its all due to the circumstances, situations and the environment we are in.
Same goes to us.

I know how you feel. For I feel the same.
I know how hurtful it is. For I go through the same.

But, never forget to remember.
That is what made me how I am now.
People can't simply change themselves, nor their thoughts and opinions.
As youngsters, we have to go in the flow.
We have to understand them. Despite all the sour and bitter feelings.
For it is our responsibility.

Another thing..
Do not ever let us being compared to others.
Because, none of them had went through what we had.
None of them will be able to understand our feelings and views.
Because, we are us, they are them.
It has never been the same.
Let them in their own pace.
We create our own journey.
Our own future according to our mould our shape, our plan.
Because this is about us.
We are the one who have to decide how everything goes and how and when something should occur.
Not them or anyone else.
Do not let others influence us.
Because it is not their life. It is ours.

The day will come.
When we can be like how we want.
By then, we can think maturely.
By then, we would understand the reasons behind all the things that we had went through.
By then, we would be stronger.
Be patient till then.
Stand strong together.
You and I, are meant to be WE.
So, yes, believe in us.
Even if I lose hope,
Make me believe,
Even if You forget how it is supposed to be,
I would remind you of all the promises and beautiful days ahead.
For, I'm sure that WE want this no matter what.
Always remember that we are One.
Always remember that deep in our heart we still need each other.
You and I forever.


Trip to Kelantan

Pictures taken at Kelantan. X that much. just a few. :p

Kluang railway station. best known for its coffee and toast. :D Nyum2..

the train we boarded. was so cold in there. :/

 loved the structure of it.. :))

a full moon seen in the field.. was spectacular. :D


Trip to Kelantan..

Had a long and tiring but happy day today. Went to Kelantan. 'Amazed' by the 'beauty' of the UMK's hostel. Had good time with dear cousin before leaving her there. Now that she's there, I'm not really alone here. hehe..

So the journey was actually to send my dear cousin to UMK for the registration which is on the 1st, so i also followed my parents as i had to go to my campus as i have class on the 2nd.
thus, the journey started at 7.30am on the national day as my aunt n i boarded the sinaran timur train because we had to bring few bags of my cousin which could not fit in the boot of the car.. hehe.. *got that much of bags, like pindah rumah la pulak.* haha..
so, than, the journey was k, since i x get much sleep the day before, i doze off a little while after the train left Kluang station.. than, after nearly 12 hours, we reached Wakaf Baru where we took the taxi to Hotel Politan (a very weird name i feel :/)
Than, fresh up, went for a walk, had a big meal at pizza hut, den walked back to hotel, than what else, sleep la, :p hehe,.
the next day, woke up early, got ready, had wantan mee at nearby chinese restaurant, went to UMK. walk around wiping the drool. :p (x literally :p)
helped couzy with her room, had lunch than leave couzy at her campus n head back to Terengganu..
Bought lotsa stuffs on the way, kacang la, asam la, guava la n etc n etc..
than finally reached my destination. felt quite bad leaving the car.. :'(
but what to do, have to study la kan.. hurrmm.. :(
so, than. had to unpack, settle down n etc.
Starting tomorrow have to go back to old routine,:/
right now, gotta catch some sleep since i woke up really early today.. hehe.. so good night peeps.. ^^

p/s: pictures of kelantan, later la yea.. too tired to upload now. hehe..

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