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First outing for a movie. All the way to Kerteh-Kemaman.

Didn't get the first show on the first day but managed the third show of the first day. hahaha.
#still firsd day eh# *winkwink*

Went with Hari anne, Sharvina and  Arrent.a.k.a Ta Ling.

So, this is what had happened.

8.30am  : Left IPG
9.00am  : Had marvelous breakfast at Chinatown.
              We had 'roti paun' a toast with a layer of butter and kaya that we have to spread on the bread    
               on our own. it was so delicious because it was crunchy and the butter n kaya, I could feel
               the melting, mellowing butter and kaya in my mouth. And the coffee, one of the best that I
               had had.
10.00am : Left to Kemaman
12.00pm : Reached Mesra Mall, went to check the tickets. The first 2 shows were full so had to take
                5.45pm show. Bought tickets. Bought some 'buah tangan' to bring to Sharvina's house.
1.00pm  : Reached Sharvina's home. Had superlicious homemade Terengganuish Indian food.
              Had super juicy and sweet mango and kek batik also. Talked and talked. Felt so at home. ^_^
4.30 pm : Freshen up, left Kemaman to Mesra Mall at about 5pm.
5.30pm  : Reached on time for movie. ENjoyed the awesome movie.
8.00pm  : Did some spring shopping, left to IPG
10.30pm : Reached IPG

:: It was tiring but its worth it!
my all time eye candy! *drool* muahahaha,


Can't comment or like on Facebook?

I am facing the above mentioned problem from just now. This stuff really got my nerves. Huhh.

I'm not someone who can stand not good changes that occurs drastically.  I mean out occurred even without giving warning. I'm so hating it right now. Eeee. :@

I searched for the cause of this problem. And  found two reasons.
First. Its because something is wrong with the internet setting. Something top do with cookies or something.

Which I can't be mad at.

So. the Second one.  Its because some crazy people had blocked me in Facebook for posting inappropriate stuffs.

Oh. Please la. I'm not someone like that. If ur so annoyed with my posts. Feel free to unfriend and get going.

What you did. It makes people's work go havoc.

Fine. Facebook is not so important. But yet. Its like a must. For me to check everyday.
So because of you:
-I'm angry right nie
- I had to waste time top find for the solution which I can't find yet.
-and etc.

So, thank u. :p

Girls day out

Yesterday went for dinner with classmates. Just the girls.
Went to a shop, it was kinds dirty. Siew Chen was like, "Nisha, this its so dirty, how am I supposed to sit here."
Hehe. Her voice is so cute and the way she says that. hehe. That's the cutest thing about her.

Fruit juice seemed to be the who's each of us ordered a drink. I ordered kiwi juice. It was super awesome. And they had 3 different choice for your glass. Small, medium, and large.

If you ask me, the medium was already so big *couldn't finish my drink actually which was a medium glass*

So, I had, top either laksa or nasi briyani. Since the glass was big I doubted if I could eat a lot. So I had laksa. As I doubted. I didn't  finish my food. Muahaha. So isn't back to campus with a stomach that felt like it has a baby, so stretched and hard. Hehehe.

Overall, it was fun having dinner with classmates. Never did before. This might just be the beginning for a better rapport. Hopefully.gee.

Sorry ok didn't take any pictures my friends, once I have them, I'll post them here.

Have a nice day ahead people. :-)
Oh, I'm signing off with a big smiley since my class had been canceled. Which means that,I have no class at all today.
I know, that's a great be Ed. So. Um. Don't be jealous peeps. :p


My new post!

Hahaha.yea. This is my very first post from my new HP. Feel so excited la pula. Her. Baru la rasa macam Android user. Heee..

This HP is cool. Worth my allowances. Hope I didn't make any Hasty not wrong decision by buying this. Hee


I knew it!

I knew it! I knew this would happen!
Each time I plan something, each time I desire for something, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!
My bad, bad and bad luck, I could not buy XPERIA J!!! :'(

The salesgirl said that XPERIA J users complained stuffs after using it.
Then, how could I buy it, right??
So, here I am. Just bought a samsung.
Spent nearly rm800. :'(

I have to rely on my secret money and dad now! :'(
So sad.
The sadness and grief is more than the excitement of having a new hp, a new smartphone for the first time in my life!

Mood: I also don't know how to explain!


Shopping for HP. hahaha.
Gonna get a new hp. My new hp is still in a good condition just that the battery is having some trouble. sick already kot.
But, its only like 3years since I am using this hp.
This has been my favourite treasure,(even though i always drop it!)

So, right now, I'm looking for SONY XPERIA J.

Back to the story, XPERIA J.
I did some researching, thanks to MR.GOOGLE.
I even did ask the 'professionals'. hehehe. actually, yea, my personal professional advisor, Mr. He.
He also suggested me to buy XPERIA J.

Dad said okie too. hee. so what else, jom gi shopping! ;)

Will update as soon I got back home with A NEW MEMBER. :D
Have a nice day peeps! :D


Favourite Joke

One of my favourite joke. Hee..

A husband read an article to his wife about how many words women use a day.
30,000 to a man's 15,000.
The wife replied, 'The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything
to men...
The husband then turned to his wife and asked, 'What?'

Source: Unknown

100 questions about me.

I found this in my bestie's page. (here)
Felt that it was quite interesting. SO why not give it a shot. hehe.
And. yea.  I had edited some of it. hee. 

So, here we are:

1. Name

2. Middle name
erm, I don't have any. O.o

3. Location (only the country)

4. Age 
21 years.

5. Birthday date

6. Boyfriend/girlfriend
errmm. yea. ^^

7. Crush

8. Favorite subject
Add Maths, Physics and right now, ENGLISH .

9. Least favorite subject
Geography, Chemistry

10. Subjects you're best at
Additional Mathematics, Physics, BM, BI

11. Subjects you're worst at
Chemistry, Geography

12. Favorite film
a lot. mostly that got to do with saving the world. ^^

13. Least favorite film
anything which is illogical

14. Favorite programmed

15. Least favorite programmed
dramas with never ending episodes

16. Favorite song
a lot.

17. Least favorite song
songs that I don't understand

18. favorite artist
Naresh Iyer, Britney, JB, GVP

19. least favorite artist
erm. not sure. :p

20.Trapped on a deserted island or trapped in Antarctica?
Antartica. ^^

21. What are you most scared of?
being alone.

22. What song is stuck in your head?
Hey Baby Girl from MPM

23. Favorite color?
blue and white

24. Do you have any pets?

25. Favorite ever animal?

26. Latest fail/fml moment?
seen by outsiders when at crazy moments. =.=

27. Favorite joke?
why women use more word than men? ;)

28. Favorite food?
Indian Vegetarian

29. Favorite drink?
Fresh Orange

30. Random fact about you?
I love exploring. 

31. Do you have any siblings?

32. What are your siblings called?
younger brother and sis

33. Are you sarcastic?

34. Are you good at giving advice?
i think so.

35. Describe yourself in one word.

36. Names of your closet friends?
Eu and Reshie

37. Science or Tech?

38. Running or Swimming?

39. Are you sociable?
yea. :)

40. Are you a flirt?
not really.

41. What are your plans for Valentines Day?
movies, dinner, walk at the beach

42. Do you have a Valentine?

43. Favorite long song?
 tamil 90's hits

44. Favorite season of the year?

45. Favorite type of weather?

46. Favorite holiday?
any holiday as long it is a long holiday

47.4th July or Easter?
i don't celebrate both of it

48. Christmas or Thanksgiving?

49. Yahoo answers or Youtube?
Yahoo answers

50. Facebook or twitter?

51. What other websites do you currently have open?

52. What time is it where you are from?

53. Have you got this week off school (half term)?

54. Are you a good singer?
Im a good singer with not good voice. :p

55. P.E or art?

56. German or French?

57. Favorite quote?
sharing is caring. ^^

58. Have you like taking pictures?

59. Have you ever seen anybody live e.g. comedian or singer?

60. Harry potter or twilight?
Harry potter.

61. Religious?
yeah. but more to spiritualist. :)

62. Do you enjoy singing?

63. Do you have a phone?

64. Do you have a lot of friends?

65. Are you popular/nerdy/average/weird/emo/goth/oth...

66. Do you have twitter?

67. DO you have facebook?

68. Who do you look at for inspiration?
Anyone who is doing good in that particular field

69. Favorite actress?

70. Favorite actor?
Robert Jr. and anyone who acts well

71. Are you bored of this quiz? Well, don't give up yet...

72. Favorite clothing item?
dress and accessories.

73. Favorite brand?
Anything nice would do

74. Favorite shop?
Don't have any specifically.

75. Are your nails painted?

76. What's the color of your watch?
black, silver

77. What color is the top you are wearing?

78. What color are your eyes?

79. What color is your hair?

80. Justin Bieber or One Direction? 

81. Gore film or Horror film?
 Nope for both

82. Horror film or romantic film?

83. What does your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend look like?

84. What is your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend's personality like?
organized, funny

85. What is your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend called?

86. What would you name your children?
haven't decided yet

87. Favorite names?
Aryan, Archana

88. If you could have any name, what would it be?
Nisha or perhaps Lonika. :p

89. Know the cause oor date of death?

90. Bleed to death or painful death with no blood?
Painful death with no blood. O.o

91. Maths or English?

92. Rugby or Tennis?
Tennis, tried. so, Rugby.

93. Basketball or cricket?
of course basketball

94. Baseball or Soccer?

95. Favorite sport?

96. Do you like school?
yesh. I can meet my buddies.

97. Favorite music video?
Pookkal Pookkum Tahrunam and As Long As You Love Me

98. Lost your virginity yet?

99. How old were you when you had your first real date?
ermm. 20.

100. Do you regret any of your decisions in life?
yes and no.


Enemies. I do have a lot of enemies!!
Among them are:


Now, with the presence of all of them, I can't finish my work!

See, right now, because of MISS DISTRACTION, here I am updating blog but when I am supposedly to be revising for tomorrow's test =.=

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Nisha, Nisha. Susahnyer hok mung nok gi blajo. =.= Nyekit tul hok mung main2 nie"
 hahaha. tubik dulu! :p
Have a nice day people! :D



"Sometimes we spend time asking who is responsible or who’s to blame, whether in a relationship, in a job or with the people we know and miss out on the warmth in human relationships we could receive by giving each other support.
After all, wouldn't forgiving someone we love be the easiest thing in the world to do?
Treasure what you have. Don’t multiply pain, anguish and suffering by holding onto forgiveness. Let go of all your envies, jealousies, unwillingness to forgive, selfishness, and fears and you will find things are actually not as difficult as you think.
If everyone could look at life with this kind of perspective, there would be fewer problems in the world. "

Saw this in Facebook today.

Forgiving. The word itself sounds so noble.
Wish I am more patience and calm so that I wouldn't just burst into anger and keep grudge on those who made me feel bad. Wish I can forgive people, wish it was as easy as ABC for me.

Must train my heart to let go of grudges.
Must train to forgive and forget.
Not to be a good person.
But to save myself from sadness and unhealthy feelings.
And also to save my relationships with the people around me.

Gonna start it today.
Hope God can open my heart to forgive! ^^

If you're like me too. Come, let's give it a try and see how our days would be if we forgive people. :)
Before going to bed, say to yourself, "God, I forgive those who hurt me, so please forgive me for anything wrong that I did today. Thank you God." ^^

Let's try peeps! :D All the BEST. ALL THE BEST TO ME TOO! :D


What's wrong?? +.+

If the someone is humane enough to show sympathy for someone else's loss and pain.
He or she would feel the same thing for others too.
No matter if they are from US nor Afghan.

Take me myself.
I saw a post by MISS EU about what had happened at Boston.
That was when I knew about this thing. I googled about it.
I felt bad for what happened in Boston.
I felt really bad.

But, if i never knew about what had happened at Iraq nor Afghan.
Because, of course I didn't have someone to tell me about it, nor post it on facebook.
How do you expect me to know then?
I am not so active to go and google everything.
If I saw something or heard something, only then I google it.
So, what I'm trying to say here is that,
If I knew what had happened in Iraq and Afghan,
I would indeed googled about it,
I would indeed felt bad about it.
Because, I am a HUMAN with some humane feelings.

It is just that people are not aware of what is happening around.
It is not like we are staying nearby and we have all the updates.
Mass media plays very important role, yea, if they don't post stuffs, how would we know then.
Then, how would feel sympathy.

So, people there who provoke that people only care about those in US. you are so wrong.
I care about those in US because they are human.
And, I would feel and care for those in Afghan and Iraq too.
Because they are HUMAN also.

Don't simply accuse people. please.

Anyway. sorry if i hurt anyone's feelings. Just sharing what I feel.

P/S: If you're reading this, I seek your help.
Let's pray for those who have left us and those who are fighting in the hospitals to recover.
May God bless all these people and their families.
It is going to be difficult, but life has to go on. May God give them the strength to go through all this.


Aubergine? Brinjal? Eggplant?

Previously during Teaching Reading and Vocabulary class, lecturer asked, 'Who knows what is a aubergine?'
And, I said that aubergine was a brinjal.
But he said it is incorrect! >.<
He said that aubergine is different type of brinjal but not brinjal. >.<

I know, I remember reading in my textbook when I was 8 or 9 years old!
I remember, it was in the textbook. I remember because I learned that,
1) Brinjal is also known as aubergine
2) Ladies fingers is known as okra

So, what I'm trying to say is that, I was not satisfied. :P

Then, I searched in the internet. Guess what. I was right. Aubergine is a brinjal.

It was called an "eggplant" in the US, Canada, and Australia as the first eggplants were purely ornamental and featured egg-shaped white and yellow fruit. 

In Britain, it is called "aubergine," the same as in French.
In South African English and in India, it is called a "brinjal."
The Italians call it "melanzane," which means "crazy apple."

The plant known in North America as the eggplantSolanum melongena, is a species of flowering plant known in French and British English as theaubergine. Also known as the brinjalbrinjal eggplantmelongene, or guinea squash, it is a member of the family Solanaceae. It bears a fruit of the same name, eggplant or aubergine, widely used in cooking, most notably moussaka and ratatouille


In Britain (and France), the large purple varieties are known as aubergines. Other (pale and/or small) varieties aren't usually found outside of Asian supermarkets, where I imagine they are still referred to as brinjal.

 The name 'eggplant' is used in the US, Canada, and the Antipodes, mainly because the lighter varieties are more common there, which arguably have the colour of eggshell.
They are, however, all just different varieties of the same plant, like yellow and red tomatoes.

Conclusion: Brinjal, Aubergine, Eggplant. :: THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!:: :p

Have a nice day people! :D


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year people!
Yeah, it is NEW YEAR for all the HINDUS in the world.
I'm pretty sure that not everyone knows that we have our own calender system to count the years.
So, yea, we celebrate new year every 1st day of CHITTIRAI month which falls on 14th of APRIL.
This year is the KALIYIUGA 5114th year according to Indians. And this year is called, VIJAYA year which is assumed to be The Year of Success.
Probably, everyone are going to be successful this year. Hopefully. ~AUM~

On this auspicious day, we have a special prayer at home.
Then we would go to temple to take part in the special prayers conducted at temple.
After that, we would just hang around with family members enjoying the special homemade vegetarian food and sweetmeats.

Last year on this day, I was home. Experiencing all that I mentioned earlier.
But this year, here I am at campus.
Right now, I just came back from class. :/
And I'm having flu now because I ate watermelon that also during rain. :3

One thing that consoles me is that wherever I am,
God is there too.
He is here too, I believe. ^^
I hope He heard my prayer this morning. (haven't pray for the evening yet) :p

Oh yea, one more thing.
My aunt always tell me that whatever I do on New Year,
I probably gonna do that throughout the year too.
I think I have been good till this minute.
SO, lets hope and pray to HIM so that this year is gonna be a good year for me.
At least better than last year. ^^

God bless everyone! :DHappy New Year @ VIJAYA- Chittirai Putthaandu Vaalthukal. ^^



Want to 'repair/ mend' your feelings?
Want to relax?
Want to feel the love?
Want to teleport to another place?
Want to convey your feelings but can't find the right words?
Want to just imagine stuffs?
Want to stay high?

I have a solution!

Listen to songs!
In love- Listen to love songs
Just broke up- Listen to sad songs
Feel demotivated- Listen to some advising songs
Feel want to wreck someone- Listen to some crazy songs
Want to break a bone- Listen to some fast songs

Whatever you want, songs can do that for you! Ahaks!

Want to get drugged.
Indian, Tamil 90's songs would be the best idea!
Nothing is more intoxicating than that.
The combination of the beats, music, the voice, humming and the lyric.
It will bring you wherever you want!
And make you feel all that you want!

That's the power of songs!
Proud to be an Indian.
Indians who creates the best musics ever!  :p
Indians who can never be defeated in expressing their feelings!
Hehehehe. *Enjoying such songs right now!*


Long day!

Not much things today. but yet it is a long day. WAS a long day.
2 assignments got extensions. ;)
But still, have to do it right. just that I don't have to rush about. hee.
Tomorrow have UB which is Unit Beruniform.
KRS is in-charge of tomorrow's assembly.
So, gotta be there early. :/
Planted a coconut tree 2weeks ago. hee. hope it's still alife. hahaha. :p

Almost had an argument with a friend today. ahaks.
Thank God everything went smoothly.And yea.
Learnt something.
NEver think twice to do something.
That too, if it is easy to do.
Which is to say sorry. *Even if it is not your mistake but when the person involved is dear to u.*

I could have just shut myself up.
But. Don't know what made me to think that I had to say sorry to her.
And I said it.
Then she said sorry too. :o
She said she was so sorry to behave in such a way because she felt so stressed.

Summary: A sorry had saved the day. ;)

So peeps.
If something happened.
Don't hesitate to say sorry or to make up. If you value the relationship.
Because. Once there's a scratch in your relationship. It can be plastered, it can be healed.
But once a scratch. Forever a scratch.

Nights peeps. ^^



Right after reaching campus, have been settling assignments. Lack of sleeping hours in this two days.
All because of own ignorance. :/
Should have given more attention to these assignments as soon as they were given.
But was busy with other stuffs.
To add to that, was neglecting all this assignments by having fun during the holiday.
Now, I'm the one who have to suffer. Right?

So. Lesson learned.
Better get rid of this behaviour of procrastinating that has been developing rapidly lately.
This shillyshally behaviour is going to give me more problem at the end of the day.
Especially when all the due dates for the assignments are at the same week!

Brush up Nisha!

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