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Surprise! ^^

Today, my birthday. :)

As a normal routine of every birthday, I wanted to go to temple.
And that wish was fulfilled by Hari anna n Shalu akka as they agreed to follow me.
After spending a long time in temple,
We went to Indian shop to fill our tummy.
Saw our lecturer who is also Suraj anne's father with his wife.
My birthday cake. :D
He paid our dinner. ^^
Thanks to him. Heee..

Thence, went to Secret Recipe to have some cake.
To my surprise,
The cake was brought to our table accompanied by "Happy Birthday" song as well as 2 big candles and 1 small candle which denotes my age, 21 years.

I waited there till the song ends with unstoppable smile and teary eyes.
I wished and cut the slice of chocolate cake.
Everyone clapped for me.

I thought this year birthday was going to be a normal one.
Thought everyone forgot that its my special birthday.

But Shalu akka and Hari anne made it special.
Even though it was just a slice of cake and only three of us.
The thought itself, the thought to celebrate it was more than everything else.
Thank you so much akka and anne.
I will never forget what you did for me today. :)

21 today. ^^

Since I was 12, I had always been waiting to be in this day.
It's all because, back then I thought that once I'm 21, I would be able to do everything that I would want.
Never did I know that, that 'believe' was a myth in my life. Hee.

Today, as I wished years ago, I'm 21 now.
But, everything is normal, except for the fact that I'm 21 now.

The day begun with a fight with my Mr.He
As usual. :p
But it all solved right at 00.00 when he called me first to wish me.
Then started all the other calls from mom, dad, aunts and uncles.
AND the most amazing wish was from my my dearest bestie, Eunice.
Eunice and Gideon sang Bruno Mars, "Just the way you are", continued with a rap and advises for me.
I was really so touched with what you did, girl.
Thank you so much! :')
You had made my day, really.
That was just amazing, wonder how long you had practiced for that. hee.
Anyway, thank you so much, dear. :)

So, now time for little appreciation. Hee.
First of all. To the Mighty one.
Thanks to him, for this 21 years that He had given me.
I can't say that all days in this 21 years was the greatest one.
It had its ups and downs.
I had learnt a lot of things in this 21 years.
And there are still a lot of things that I would learn in days to come.
SO thank you Lord, for giving me the opportunity to live this life that you had given to me.
And thanks for letting me to still breath and to move around.
Thanks for giving me a beautiful family, amazing friends and someone who really cares for me (MR.He).
Despite all the things that I had went through, I still have people who still wants me to be a part of their life.
And I pray to You the one and only one, to bless me with these relationships forever.
Take care of me, take care of my loved ones, take care of the world, take care of everything that you had created, and take care of Yourself too. Heee.

Next, My dad and mom.
I know that our parent-daughter relationship is not that good.
But still no one can deny the fact that I'm your daughter.
Thank lord for giving me you both.
Heard that you're really having hard time handling things for my birthday.
So, thank you again dad and mom.
Not for the birthday thing alone, but for everything that you had and doing for me for the past 21 years.
I'm so sorry if I had been a very naughty girl.
I promise I would be more hardworking and active after this. hee.

My aunts.
You have always been the one I could share everything.
Thanks for all the care and love.
I will always love you.

My siblings and Cousin.
I know we have very little time together nowadays.
But, nothing can beat you people, because you had made my childhood a great one. :D

My dearest besties.
Only one thing that I can tell you people.
If there were no you, there were never me.
Thank you for everything.
I can never find people to replace you.
You had made my life more meaningful with your presence.
Our relationship is just more than just friendship.
I hope this relationship lasts forever. BFF!! <3 p="">
Mr. He.
I know that we always fight. Even on my birthday. =.=
But, I know the fact that we can never be apart.
Because, WE know the value of "WE".
And I know that no matter how terrible the fight is, we would never want to be apart, because, that is something that we can never do.
Thanks for being with me through thick and thin. :)
Love yar!  :$

My grandparents.
Wish you were here.
Miss you both badly.
Need your blessings taata and paati..
Your granddaughter had turned 21 today.
I'm a big girl now.
Wish God had let you to be with us for a longer time.
My day would have been totally different if you were with me today.
I miss you.
I hope you're up there somewhere, watching us.
I will do everything that it takes to make you proud of me.

Bless me taata and paati.
I will always need your blessings.

P/S: Thanks for all the wishes people, really appreciate them. Tc. :))



I did forgave you.
I was trying to talk as usual.
But that was when you got me angry again.

And I didn't expect that words from you.
I didn't expect that from you.
Out of everyone.
I though you understood me well.
Guess I'm wrong.
Its so painful to read those sentences.

Top up?
Is that all I wanted?
You've got me wrong.

This is what is best for us.
Need to think.
Till then. let's just keep distance.
Difficult to say that.
But. This is the only solution.

When heart feel so burdened.
I would always tell you.
But when it is burdened with your words.
Tears is the only thing that lightens my heart.

I never thought this day would come.

Im so hating everything right now!!!
In hatred moment, I wish I could do everything that crosses my mind!!
How I wish!!


Cold Day

At times, I wonder if I'm at Malaysia or some winter-seasoned country.
It's so freaking cold nowadays even if it is in the noon.
It has been super windy and humid this whole day.
To add to it, the scary rain every now and then.
All this makes me to get myself wrapped in my blanket.
And I'm so carving for a hot Milo and a warm, long and tight hug. Heee. ^.~
Well, you see, I'm so sensitive to temperature.
So I'm not in for a too cold weather nor a too hot temperature.
I would go for the average temperature.
SO this is why I need that 2 things now.
Um, I can get one now,
The other one. Um, in dream probably, or yea, I have my bubbly bolster. :D
It can be a good replacement. hee. ;)


History Rewritten!

Oh yes!
I'm super duper happy today!
Thankful is a better adjective, I believe.
Was worried all the time since yesterday.
Listening to the updates in the morning and early noon was indeed making me feel scared.
But, I believed.
I prayed to the Mighty One.
And finally, our prayer has been answered.
We have rewritten the history!
Something new had happened in the history of my campus.
And now, we are expecting for the new changes that is yet to be brought by
our new YDP.
My dearest friend.
For all that you had went through,
You have got a perfect opportunity to regain all that you had lost.
May under your organization and leadership, Fairness be unto to all despite the colour and race.
One thing to conclude about today.
the bad one might be winning at first but they wouldn't.
The good one would look like they are losing, but God would eventually make them win the thing.

SO that was what happened today!
All the best for the new YDP.
Then sun is shining bright again!
Hope is sowed in us.
May justice be prevailed!
God bless everyone. :D


When will you...

I waited.
I'm still waiting.
Still waiting.
And will still wait.
For you to have time for me..
When will you have the time for me?

I know. you have been busy.
For crucial reasons.
Now that it is over.
Expected you to be with me.
Believe it ot not.
Was so exicted about you finishing it.
Just because I wanted to spend some time with you.
It has been really a very long time.

I can't recall when was the time that we had spend together.
Just for us.

I don't want to be a snatcher.
I don't want to be a hypocrite.
I don't want to be an obstruction for you.
I don't want to control you.

For that reasons, I would wait.
For the day that you'd remember that there was, there is someone who has been waiting for you.
For the day you'd remember me.

I;m eagerly waiting for that day to come.
SO that,
On that day, I could tell.
That I missed you.

#It has been a difficult time recently.
Hope I could learn something through this.#

Fate or not?

Always use this term. But know what it is?
Here you go: Fate is the development of events outside a person's control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power.

So, there's this situation.
Something happened or probably about to happen.
Somehting that hurts might hurt you, deep in you heart.
Make you feel like your being teared, shredded.
There is somehting that you could do to avoid it.
But it seems so impossible.
Even if it is made to possible,
There's never a chance for the effect to be seen.
All because the custom.
It has always been like that.
And it shall always be like that.

At that moment, would you still proceed with your plan which you feel would not be effective or will you resignedly go on with your life comforthing yourself that it is all fated?

Little confused with something.
But decide to let it go. According to fate.
Yea, I know. It's like being so coward.
But again..
That's all I could do. *shrug*


Something that doesn't come on its own,
Something that should be earned.
Yea, but whatever it is, regardless of your age, post, and doctorates,
you should respect one another even if the person is an illiterate.
Same goes other way around,
Youngsters should respect adults,
Adults should respect youngsters too.
Because, the EDUCATION that brought you all these fame,
had taught about human rights, equality, humanism and every other noble values.
IF, you have few doctorates, PhD's, excel very excellently in education,
But you fail in respecting another human being,
Then whatever you had learnt has no value.

This is merely because, the knowledge we learn is to help our future,
But the indirect learning that we have acquired is the thing that makes us a 'human'.

Only when you are a human, you are respected.

Regarding the current hot issue.
I'm not saying that the girl nor the moderator was right,
I'm not good in politics either.
I don't know if the fact was right or not,
But all that I know is,
She demands respect.
She is a human being.
She ought to be respected, not humiliated.

In moral we had learnt openness value @ 'sikap keterbukaan' as well as  the right to talk @ 'kebebasan bersuara'.

Both the ladies had the right to voice out.
But they should remember their openness. Which means that one should be able to GIVE and RECEIVE thoughts, new ideas as well as critiques in accordance to the facts and the norms in a society.

SO, in this context, facts. I believe that when we are telling about something, we should have facts to support us, we can't simply blame people, right?
Next, norms in a society, Our society, Malaysian society is known for our COURTESY. RIGHT?
Where is our courtesy now?
Can't we voice out in a harmonic tone with some politeness?


Ponggal. ^^

Ponggal. Have always been home for this special occasion.
But not for the past 3 years (including 2013)

Kinda miss those days where,
I had to prepare with my mom for the prayers.
Where my part is obviously cleaning the house, preparing the prayer things,
then there comes the fun part, putting kolam.
I love that the most, even though I'm not good at it,
I'd still do it. :p
Love holding those colourful rice in hand. ^^

Then, there comes the morning prayer where mom will wait for the milk to boil during the sun rise.
Later she'd make some sweetened rice for us. Which indeed is superlicious. ^^
Then, we'd offer the milk and sweetened rice to God, thence, a prayer, and finally eating time.
Oh yea, we would always go to the temple in the evening.

This occasion is actually to the Sun, sun god.
A way of thanking Him for all the wonders.
Especially because, He helps in making the crops grow better.
SO, it is a token of appreciation. ^^

aAnd for those, who don't know,this occasion occurs for four days.
Begun with Bhogi. where we burn the old things that we don't want.
Then, Ponggal.
Then Maattu ponggal, An occasion for the cows.
And finally, Kanni ponggal. An occasion where the virgins take part. ( In which i haven't take part in it yet. :p)

SO, ponggal is tomorrow.
Here I am in campus.
But I can celebrate it by praying here in the room.
May Suriya Bhagavan always shine upon us. ^^
Happy Ponggal. :D


A reminder.

Went for a birthday treat today.
Was fun.
Ate a lot.
Talked a lot.
Laughed really hard.

Came back to hostel just to hear neighbour wailing
Something must have happened.
Heard her crying saying 'ayah'.
It was awfully painful to hear that.
Was so much of pain and sadness in it.
Reminded me of the pain I went through when my beloved grandparents left me and my family.
It was a tough time.
It was hard to believe.
But it was real.
It had happened.
It took time for us to overcome it.
It is common,
It is the nature of human being.
When there's a birth, then death is for sure confirmed.
Just we don't know when it is fixed for us.
We just have to wait for it.
While waiting for the day to come,
I shall do everything that I should do.
So that, when the time has come, I shall not regret it.

But still, It is sure a terrible thing to see our loved ones
leaving us forever.
I am sure as I am to switch places with my beloveds,
if I'm given the chance.
For, I'm a coward.
I can't stand another lose.
It is just to hard for me.

What happened today,
Is a reminder to me.
I don't know how long time I have.
Nor my beloveds have.
What I know is.
I shall make the best moments out of the time given to me.
So that, when the time comes,
I shall take my leave with the beautiful memories I had created in this world with my beloveds, family, friends and everyone else.



Mr.he going to sit for his second year's finals.
May God ease everything for him and for others who are sitting for their finals too. ^^
God bless you people.
Gambate, don't freak out at the paper.
Even though it is going to determine your future, don't be afraid of it. Its just some papers with printings.
Sure everyone had prepared their best for this, so let all out, vomit everything.
Give your best shot, pray to God, and lecturers as well as God will take care of the rest. :)

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