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Cold Day

At times, I wonder if I'm at Malaysia or some winter-seasoned country.
It's so freaking cold nowadays even if it is in the noon.
It has been super windy and humid this whole day.
To add to it, the scary rain every now and then.
All this makes me to get myself wrapped in my blanket.
And I'm so carving for a hot Milo and a warm, long and tight hug. Heee. ^.~
Well, you see, I'm so sensitive to temperature.
So I'm not in for a too cold weather nor a too hot temperature.
I would go for the average temperature.
SO this is why I need that 2 things now.
Um, I can get one now,
The other one. Um, in dream probably, or yea, I have my bubbly bolster. :D
It can be a good replacement. hee. ;)

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