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To the one we call teacher.

They make sure that you go through a hell lot of tough time.
They give you so much of stuffs to do.
They force you to the end of the limit.
They make you to cry in pain.
They make you to struggle.

But in the end.
You realize what you are capable of.
You realize that nothing is impossible.
You realize that there is nothing that you can't do.
You realize that you can achieve anything.
You realize and discover your utmost power and strength in you.

To that someone who unwillingly made you to do all that,
To that someone who made sure you know your capability,
To that someone who taught you to not give up,
To that someone who made you who you are now,

Thank you.
Thank you, for teaching not just lessons but for teaching everything we need to brace ourselves with in facing the reality of life.


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