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What can a few minute song do to us.?

mixed up feelings. listening to songs can really make you think, dream and even imagine things that are beyond everything.
beyond the time, beyond the limitations, beyond everything you're capable of.
makes you to live in your dream world, in your dream life, in your beautiful imagination and fairytale for few moments.
when the song is over, everything is back to normal. your feet touches the land again.
which makes you to listen to the song again, so that you can continue to live in the beautiful world that you had created.
songs are addicitive, i belief because of this very reason.
Because, it let you to live as you wish for that very moment.
when in real life, you're not able to do any of it.

even if the imaginations aren't real, no one would dare to wake up from the 'sleep'.
for, there isn't a word to describe the effect of the ecstacy of the songs to us.
until, we get what we want in our life right after we ask for it.
there can never be an end for songs,
because, it gives the pleasure of seeing the things that we wish, we hope and we dream that would happen in our life, one day.


The crazy decisions due to NUMBNESS in the hurt heart..

As the title goes, when one is trying to recover from a heart break, heart hurt or anything else..
He or she tend to create so many new rules, new boundaries, new plans and etc.
Why they do so.. Its because they want to create a numbness in heart by creating a more painful situation.

These new decisions are usually more to hurt themselves.
But they would be so eager of practicing it to feel the numbness.  
The new ideas are actually, basically related to what they went through actually, its actually influenced by the moments and everything related to what they had went through earlier.

Let's say it hurts their heart so much when one's loved one didn't do something.. then, they assume crazy things, then decide to not to ask the loved one to do that again.
This really sounds crazy and so stupid.
But this happened and even still happen.
One might perhaps never understand why he or she does that.
Its one's own feelings and heart.

Even if we stand in their shoes, we might never be able to know why they did so.
Because its all related to heart. and no one knows what is in one's heart.
Perhaps, he or she wants that because, they don't want to hurt
the loved one, or maybe they want to create a wall around them, or even maybe because they want to be numbed by the pains. Which we can never be able to understand or realize..
Its a matter of  a heart. It can never be explained by words nor be understood by others.. <3 <3                

Why are hearts so prone to get hurt?

As per the tittle.. (which is actually kinda related to my mood, feeling right now)
i would like to bable about it today..                                                                
i don't know about others. but i'm quite prone to this hurts..(quite often indeed)
and i usually have no idea about why i am like that..
i really hate when i had to feel this.
but i can't help it.. i had been, and still feeling it anyway..
even though people try not to hurt people, they still ended up hurting people, why is that so?
I got no idea.. =.=
huh.. the feeling.. the feel of the heart aching slowly, then continue into throbbing.. that's indeed very painful.
the reason might be stupid really stupid. it might be understood by the brain, but.  the heart tend not to listen to the brain..
i think they are enemies!
that's why THE HEART AND BRAIN NEVER GET TOGETHER.. they never agree to a thing.. and they are even so far from each other!!
The NEVER Ending War..
duhh.. hmm.. i think the reason is clean and clear now..
which is.. because of the sensitive heart and sharp(:S) words.. which stabs into the tiny sensitive heart.. even if the word is not that sharp, it still hurt the heart.. correct?
is there anytime where there can never be a wound even caused by a blunt knife? what am i blabbering??
i'm too messed up.. got to go.. if not, don't know what else i'd palaver..
just a little advice.. TO MYSELF..
Do listen to your brain.. at least once in a while.. its telling for your own good actually..
hush2.. good night peeps.. sleep tight.. sweet. erm hurtful dreams! :p


Made For Each Other

Very common for people to say, 'Hey, you both look so good together! Like made for each other'. 
But, there isn't such thing as made for each other in this whole wide world.
you may ask me, how about those people who are still together making through everything. 
for me, its still the same. 

This is because, these people are those who are strong in their will of making their love a 'made for each other'.
What I'm trying to say is that, 'made for each other' doesn't exist from birth. it is created through love, understanding and commitment. the more one trusts and is willing to make the relationship work, the better made for each other they create.

nowadays, there are more break-ups then on-going relationships. this is perhaps because,
* Couples tend to think that they are not made for each other. when in fact, its their responsibility to make the relationship a 'made for each other'.
* Couples realize their mistakes but they conceal the truth that they had already realized.. when in fact, they are being egoists.
* Couples tend to think that the relationship or love has faded away. when in fact, it is them who lacked in showing their love.
* Couples feel that they had totally understood the partners. when in fact, there is never a time where a person can be fully understood even if it had been a century.
* Couples tend to ask opinions from others whom they think are good at it. when in fact, they themselves are the best people in mending their relationship.
* Couples feel that it is the end of them (relationship) when keep fighting. when in fact, the     fights are the one which make them know each other well.

There can be on-going reasons why there are more break-ups nowadays..
Because, people don't see the point of the fights they had..
Once, they understand the value of the relationship and the fights they have, then break-ups might never exist.
This is because,
only through fights and mistakes, one learns about love and relationships.
it is love, only when one fights.
Compromising, understanding, trusting and repeatedly falling in love is the main key to have a made for each other relationship.

Our grandparents are the best example for these.. there might be not a day where they don't fight, but there can never be a day where they never talk to each other too.. this is love. this is the real relationship. this is made for each other.

There aren't any 'made for each other' in this world.. Create the 'made for each other' with the one you love.. and there, a new made for each other is happily leading the life, despite all the mistakes and fights.

Learn from the mess u make in your relationships and keep falling in love..
for, it is hard to find the right one whom you like and love. so don't do the grave mistake by separating just because you feel that you are not made for each other. It's you who have to create it, as it doesn't come on its own.. ^^

Dedicated to me-him ^^  and also to every other people who are in a relationship.. especially to those who want to create the relation a made for each other.. >.<

Live to Love.. <3 <3

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