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The journey

Growing up seems not to be how I have imagined it to be since I was a little girl.
Nothing is easy to get.
Nothing is easy to settle.
Everything comes with a cost.

But in this journey, I have realized that not all that I had hoped to bring me happiness does so.
Happiness is after all a simple matter.
It is all in here, our heart.
Be happy with everything you have.
Find happiness in what you have.
Because when you seek out in search of happiness, you're not only postponing your happiness but you pose high chance to bring disappointment and sadness to yourself.

So, keep it simple. Be happy with what you have then even if you didn't get something though you have put loads of effort into it, you would not grieve over it.
Remember, God knows what is best for you and me. If you didnt get what you want, maybe that's not destined for you. Probably God has something much better for you.

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