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I did forgave you.
I was trying to talk as usual.
But that was when you got me angry again.

And I didn't expect that words from you.
I didn't expect that from you.
Out of everyone.
I though you understood me well.
Guess I'm wrong.
Its so painful to read those sentences.

Top up?
Is that all I wanted?
You've got me wrong.

This is what is best for us.
Need to think.
Till then. let's just keep distance.
Difficult to say that.
But. This is the only solution.

When heart feel so burdened.
I would always tell you.
But when it is burdened with your words.
Tears is the only thing that lightens my heart.

I never thought this day would come.

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Miss Eunice said...

babe? what happen? had a fight with him?
im here.

Miss Nisha said...

Thanks darling. :))
I know ur always there for me. hee. <3 <3

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