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Malas la dgn episod tarik muke dgn msg Yg emo menggila ni. uh.
Dah kalo x suke nak layan tak payah la suruh msj,  suruh tengok fb Dan bagainye.  Rasa bodoh je komen lps tu komen tinggal gitu je. Dah kalo susah sgt nk comment tu like je la. Atleast tanda dah baca komen tu. Takde la aku rasa bengong.  Macam la aku ni desperate sgt.  Please la! Huh!


Love vs. Pleasing

Something that everyone should read and understand.
A reminder for myself too. :)

Love. The happiness in receiving love is not the same as getting approval from pleasing others.

Love. Don't please others in the name of love.
Because, pleasing people is not easy. 

Belief in yourself that you're loving one with your whole heart and that you're doing great at what you're doing. That would give you and your partner the utmost happiness.
Pleasing, Approval nor Expectation is going to break your heart or upset you the most. It is never gonna make you happy.
Love is the only thing that will last and make you smile forever.

An article that I read recently. 

We should quit making it our ultimate priority to please our partners, because pleasing our partners and loving them are two entirely different things.
 Oftentimes, our efforts to please our partners leave us frustrated and hopeless and less likely to love.

When Approval is More Important Than Loving
And then the spouse waits, searching their partner for a reaction. Is she approving of what I’m doing? Will he affirm me for the progress I’m making? Am I saying all the right things?
When the spouse is not approving 'standard' of our love in terms of, not liking or approving the surprises and etc.
The spouse who, moments before, was stepping into the fullness of their capacity for love gets frustrated, gives up, clams up, and stops trying.
Love dies on the altar of our partners’ approval.

Not Perfect, But Beautiful
WHen a boy playing guitar search for approval—he made mistakes: he played the wrong note, made errors in fingering, or simply forgot what to play next.
When he began searching for affirmation, the music suffered.
So, his instructor told him to return to basics: keep your eyes on the music, don’t look up for affirmation, and simply play the song to the best of your ability.
The recital finally arrived. By the time he walked up to the front of the auditorium, he had memorized the music. But more importantly, approval was no longer important to him. He sat down and began.
And he played beautifully.
It wasn’t perfect. But he didn’t look up. He just played. It took courage. 

But even more importantly, it took determination—determination to play to the best of his ability and to trust he was good enough.


The only one.

The one who annoys me the most.
The one who irritates me the most.
The one who fights with me all the time.
The one who increases my pressure most of the time.
The one who never stop talking.
The one who causes me to be tired and have headache all the time
Is the same person as the one.
The one who loves me most.
The who remembers me all the time.
The one who misses me all time..
The one who cries each time I leave home.

The one.
The one I adore is the one I scold the most.
The one and only Varshah.
The one and only younger sister of mine.

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