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People tend to do mistakes.
Not because they want to.
But its the circumstances that lead them.

You can't just blame for what happened.
I know the risk.
But it happened already.
I trusted them.
That was what brought me there. and return safely.

You know me.
What type of person I am.
Forget it.


I just need..

I just need you to shut me up..
So that i can't talk.
So that my imaginations won't run wild..
So that I won't think that I'm right..

Held me close..
And prove me that I'm wrong..
And let me know that it is nothing..
And remind me its nothing..
And help me to forget it..
Remind me that I love you..
Remind me that we love each other..

And never raise your tone or be harsh with me.
For I'm so sensitive..
That it hurts me so much..

You're that cruel?

Can you be that cruel?
What is the reason you do that?
What is the purpose of you giving that?
What is the need for that?
Why do you have to give this much of pain?
Tell me why..

Its just too painful to see that.
Imagine how it is for the one bearing..

It hurts so much to see my someone, my belonging to go through that.
Never a day that i had thought, or even imagined that it would happen..
To my sweetheart..

What can I do..
What should I do..
Where was I when it happened..
What was I happy then when someone there was longing for my presence..
What was I enjoying when someone there was in pain..

I had been a jerk.
I'm so sorry honey..
I'm just so sorry..

I love you so much..
Hope everything would be fine..
Remember, we are here for you.
Now and forever..
No matter how you are,
No matter what happens.
You belong to us.
There is nothing that can change that.
Love you my dear.
Hope the God who had given you the challenge,
had given you the strength to overcome it too..
And we are always by your side too..
Love you Cassie.



When tears control the situation,
but refuses to fall..
It become so painful that it hurts to the deepest core of the heart...


If I was.. Would you?

If I was I,
Would you still love me?
If I was a beast,
Would you still love me?
If I was horrifying,
Would you still love me?
If I was a monster,
Would you still love me?
If I was a trouble,
Would you still love me?
If I was a pain,
Would you still love me?
If I was an insane,
Would you still love me?
If I was who I really am,
Would you still love me??

Grown up?

How grown up I am.
How long I have known this self.
Its always hard..
Its always difficult..
For me to understand myself..
For I don't know the reason why I do certain things..
For I don't know the reason why I say certain words..
For I don't know the reason why my behaviour changes in a jiff..
For I don't know what I really want.
For I don't know..


Why oh Why?

Why is making up after an argument or fight is so hard??
cracking my head how to make it normal again..
ishh..  can't forget what happened, but don't want to be like this also..
hmm.. so egoist la..
but to fake my emotions, I don't want to be a liar.
Egoist is better than liar, or liar better than egoist?

gotta decide soon..
don't want the decision to spoil the treasure, the moments..
don't want to be alone any longer..

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