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A reminder.

Went for a birthday treat today.
Was fun.
Ate a lot.
Talked a lot.
Laughed really hard.

Came back to hostel just to hear neighbour wailing
Something must have happened.
Heard her crying saying 'ayah'.
It was awfully painful to hear that.
Was so much of pain and sadness in it.
Reminded me of the pain I went through when my beloved grandparents left me and my family.
It was a tough time.
It was hard to believe.
But it was real.
It had happened.
It took time for us to overcome it.
It is common,
It is the nature of human being.
When there's a birth, then death is for sure confirmed.
Just we don't know when it is fixed for us.
We just have to wait for it.
While waiting for the day to come,
I shall do everything that I should do.
So that, when the time has come, I shall not regret it.

But still, It is sure a terrible thing to see our loved ones
leaving us forever.
I am sure as I am to switch places with my beloveds,
if I'm given the chance.
For, I'm a coward.
I can't stand another lose.
It is just to hard for me.

What happened today,
Is a reminder to me.
I don't know how long time I have.
Nor my beloveds have.
What I know is.
I shall make the best moments out of the time given to me.
So that, when the time comes,
I shall take my leave with the beautiful memories I had created in this world with my beloveds, family, friends and everyone else.

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