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To get you through the hard times.

"It's just when you want... no when you need people to be there for you They're not.. they're like a million miles away And when you think someone is totally reliable and trustworthy and you've built your whole life around them and then it turns out they were never that person." 

"Pain is your friend; it is your ally. Pain reminds you to finish the job and get the hell home. Pain tells you when you have been seriously wounded. And you know what the best thing about pain is? It tells you you're not dead yet!"

”There's so much I had to say I know the words I left behind
And now I'm caught in a daydream with nowhere to run and hide
The world rushes by me, it's leaving me here all alone” ~Alanis Morisette Rain

”If you know someone who tries to drown their sorrows, you might tell them sorrows know how to swim” -Jackson Brown, Jr.

A difficult moment.

Problems are common.
Might be a simple one but would cause much sadness and uneasy feelings.
Which wouldn't last really long.
But this time.
It wasn't something simple I guess.
So much of unexpressed feelings.
And wrong timing and place too.
If was in campus, would have had some time to sort out things.
But being here, makes me unable to talk and solve things.
This makes the problem not really solved.
Its not solved actually.
Need time.
To put everything back to normal.
To gain whatever being lost.
To build whatever being demolished.
To start afresh again.
For, much have been felt in such a little time.
Which was never expected from a particular person.

Whatever it is.
Should never give up.
For he never gave up on me when i let him down.
For this is not only about me, but it is about us.
Problems are common.
That is what makes us keep going.
That is what makes us stay stronger.

Mighty God..
Give me the strength to go through this.
Give me the calmness, the patience,
Give me the heart to accept everything as usual.


Are meant to be broken.
If one trusts another then why should they promise?
I trust you would keep a secret.
Then why should I ask you to promise that you won't tell anyone?
Didn't I trust you?

SO promise,
What is it?
Something to test trust?

Promise is Trust.
But if you trust, you shouldn't lay a promise.

I trusted.
But I asked for a Promise.
And it was broken.
Like a mirror.
Into a million pieces.
The one that was broken was the Promise.
And also the trust.

How would I ever trust to tell a secret to the same person again.?
For you had disappointed me.
You may have thousand reasonable reasons or excuses.
But things are not the same anymore.

Once it is broken, it will never be the same.
Let it be the mirror, promise, trust and also heart.
The scars will never fade,
So do the consequences.

For, all those are made not in a day,
It takes everything to build the trust.
But it doesn't even take a second to demolish it into ashes.

The song of the heart today.
feel very disappointed or better said,
Feel ashamed of someone who is writing this.
A sense of betrayal.
For she had failed to be a good daughter.
To a great dad who have always believed in her.
Leaving the heart in thousands of emotions and thoughts.

The only things that could be expressed is through,
a word spelled 'SORRY'.
Which has no meaning.
and thus, creating
countless unseen tears.


Adolescent Love VS. Young Adulthood Love

Hye people. today's topic. i was quite interested when i cam across the topic psycho-social development topic in Child Development today. it was all about emotions, attachments, sense of security and moral development.
so, where did this topic came from?
yea, its actually under Erik Erikson's  8 stages of psycho-social development.

i had modified a bit of the topic for nowadays love, relationships are common among primary school students or better if i term them as children.
so which one is better?
love at the age of 12-18 or love at 18-35?

love at adolescents.
*mainly because of the influence from the environment, mass medias and etc.
* because they want to try something new.
* they want to feel the love from others which they fail to receive from family.
* children are attracted to their peers who could make them happy most of the time.
*being bullied or forced to get into a relationship.

so is it puppy love, infatuation or real love?
there's no definite answer for it. ( i don't have it actually)

but, there are love that had begun at a very early age, which had proved to be true and sincere.
among the love which was famous was Laila and Majnu. if i'm not mistaken, they had fall in love at a very young age.

now, love at young adulthood.
at this age, people would have a clearer view on what they need and definite about the criteria's they look in their future partners.
so it means, this is more into reality.
and it may be because of infatuation, or even lust too.
people tend to fail in this too because,
they expect too much,
can't get along,
high level of ego,
feeling of superiority over one another,
lacking of understanding,
failing to keep to the promises, and etc..

love can occur at any time.
you don't have to be young nor old.
it comes, when it has to.
but one should be able to realize which one is love and which one is infatuation or etc.
then only they can build a relation like the romeo and juliet, like our grandpa and grandma, like dad and mom, like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, like Surya and Jyothika and etc.

so, its up to you which one to believe.. ^^
a little bit of something that i found from Mr. Google specially for you.. :)

"infatuation is transcendent; love in down to earth.

infatuation creates a fantasy; love accepts a reality.

infatuation is an addiction; love is a commitment.

infatuation craves unity; love cherishes separateness.

infatuation evades responsibility; love wholeheartedly accepts it.

infatuation is effortless; love is hard work.

which makes the transition hard."

good night people.. =)


Superman flies like?

hye there.
today i would like to share something that was shared with me by my cute girlfriend here.
once she asked me, ' Nisha, do you know why Superman flies like this? (while shoving her right hand  upwards and her left hand same level to her waist)
i said i had no idea.

do you have any idea?
you don't really have to think very seriously or critically..
because when you know the answer, you'll either give me your 'Duhh, whatever?' look, or ROFL.. hehe..

but if you would want to save your time or don't wish to think further,
here's the answer...
but before that, don't get mad with me yea. it's just for the sake of fun.. ^^

the answer is because, Superman is driving. He holds the steering wheel with his right hand while he holds the gear lever with his other hand..
hahaha.. funny? x beat me yea! :D
oh yea, credits to the founder of the question and also the answer, MISS CHEN, my cutie gf.. ^^


What Do I Get?

Hey peeps.
So today's title.
What do I get? ah-huh?
no idea. hee. its alright. Because I am about to pour the contents right from my heart and brain.. :p
ever seen people whom are sensitive? not the sensitive where people are allergic to dust, seafood and etc. But the sensitive where people are naturally sensitive to everything. especially matters concerning to the heart.
these people are basically so sensitive that they can be easily hurt, broken, feel deteriorated and etc.

why are there this kind of people?
I'm not quite sure about this.
but i believe, its because of the environment that they had grew up in.
maybe in their past life, something happened. 
until, they are afraid to express themselves.
until, they are scared to be or get themselves hurt by others. (defensive)
until, they had created a wall of isolation around them.
until, they ad lost trust in others.
which finally makes them to be someone,
who takes things too personally, 
who overanalyze situations,
who are terribly absorbed in their own reactions.

the factors for them to get hurt can simply be anything.
it can be the words, the way people treat this sensitive person or even the tone in which people are using when they are talking to this tender-hearted person.
all this is influenced by the wild imagination of the sensitive people who usually come up with their own conclusion without thinking the rational behind something that had happened solely based on heart and not using their brain. and this is usually an involuntary action, where the affected party has no option. when something happen, the mind just draw a conclusion.

what does this people get then?
A pinch of pain, a fistful of pain, a bunch of pain, a bucket of pain, a sea of pain?
it is simply a suffering to both your emotion and mental.
and its another headache when they like to keep it to themselves. like harbouring their emotions in their heart.
this eventually will result in a catchy headline, 'a _____ died of a heart explosion'.
i'm sure you get what i'm trying to say. haha..
(died because of bottled-up emotions)

so What Do I(sensitive person) Get?
is it bad or good being a sensitive person?
i think it has more disadvantages than any slightest benefit.
this is because, this people's days, life can only be filled with pain and tears then happiness, purely, exclusively because of their own selves.
but, its not one's choice to be sensitive. 
they just had to be so. 
if given chance, no one wants to go through a hell of hurtful days, right?

this piece of writing is not about others. its entirely based on my thoughts and feelings..
and its not based on any professional theories or etc.
so if there's any dissatisfaction, i'm sorry.. 
this is just to pour out feelings.. ^^


Decisive Element?

Yesterday in the library while i was supposed to find some extra reading reference for my upcoming Philosophy and Education in Malaysia exam, i came across a book that was once mentioned by my Child Development lecturer.
Never had a thought or even expected that my eyes would lay on the books, because, i believed the library doesn't has such books. But i was proved wrong! Ah..
But anyhow, i didn't lose anything but instead gained something for i always wanted to read it..
sure you're getting into nuts thinking why on earth I am dragging these like a chewing gum. right? haha.. sorry.. :p

anyway, this was the book..

*a book to inspire the teacher-to-be,

*a book to rejuvenate the dying passion in teachers who feels miserable with the attitude of the students nowadays or etc.
*a book to remember teachers or at least a teacher who had inspired each of us when we were in school..

among all the stories and quotes in the books, this particular one really caught my attention.

I've come to a frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element in the classroom. It’s my personal approach that creates the climate. It’s my daily mood that makes the weather. As a teacher, I possess a tremendous power to make a person’s life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or humour, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and a person humanized or de-humanized. ~ Haim  Ginott

i strongly believe that this does not only apply to teachers, but every other human being on this face of earth. 
why i said so, 
because, in every human there's two wolves. the good one and also the bad one.

and i can actually interpret it in few ways.
1) I am the most powerful person for i can decide how you're day is going to be.
2) Moods are the keys to how your day is going to be.
3) I can be good and neither way too.
4) People especially Teachers play a very important role in others life.

so what i can conclude is that,
i may have thousands of problems, but should never i give a chance to emotions to dominate me for i do somehow effect the lives of those around me. let it be my loved ones, classmates nor students. i do give an impact to people around me. 
 I possess a tremendous power to make a person’s life miserable or joyous.
moral of the story, learn to dominate your heart and emotions. Don't let them dominate you, for many peoples lives are attached in it. :)


A new temptation.

I am tempted to this new thing, Gadgets for my little or perhaps medium in size wrist.. :D
hee.. its nothing else but wrist watches..
While I was browsing through mr.Google, I was influenced by i don't know what actually.. hehe..
back to story, i did some findings on the latest watches, especially the one that comes as L.E.D
I am sure everyone knows what LED stands for. if you don't, then here it is, LED means, Diode such that light emitted at a p-n junction is proportional to the bias current; colour depends on the material used..

so, i would like to share the pictures of those watches that had really lured me.. hee..

the first and foremost is the PEBBLE e-PAPER..
this thingy here, had really caught people's attention by drawing a sum of 5 MILLION DOLLARS through KICKSTARTER to fund the development of the apps..
 and this stuff as really cool apps that can make you go wow like me.. haha..

next comes the QLOCKTWO..

 i have no words to describe the awesomeness of this watch.. for i am so in love with it.
this thing comes in few colours, so u can crack your head and choose the best one for u.. hehe..

my another favourite is MUTEWATCH..

Mutewatch is a touch sensitive, wearable piece of technical badassery. Tap the flat surface of the watch and the hidden screen appears – as if from no where. Change the time and switch functions (timer, clock, alarm) with the same motions you’re already comfortable with: swipe and pinch. 

It’s svelte, comes in three colors (white, grey and red), and charges with standard USB.

Tibida Binary LED
now this is what i call fantabulous!

Tibida comes in two styles: polished stainless steel case with black face or the limited edition Midnight Edition with an IP black case and all look fab actually.:D

Tokyo comes up with few cool wrist watches too..
among that is, Tokyoflash negative..

Kisai Kaidoku

Kisai Optical Illusion 

displays the time digitally, hours in the upper half of the screen, minutes in the lower half of the screen. Just touch the screen to reveal the time.
You can also train your eyes to see the time through the optical illusion.

The direction of the lines in the display allow your eyes and brain to process only the lines that make up the digits to reveal the time in hours and minute

nice uh?
i know,. haha..
i hope you had gained some info about these geeky gadgets.. which are indeed cool!

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