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Surprise 2!! ^^

020213. Saturday. 7pm-11pm
Today was just so nice.
Had a dinner with friends, Suraj anne, Hari anne, Sharvina, Sow Ann Jie, Shin Ee Jie and Kak Jun.
I thought it was in significance of Suraj anne's farewell.
Never did I though that it was for my surprise birthday party.
Had delicious and super yummy steamboat at the chinese shop.
Was super duper full.

But then, my surprise awaited me in the form of my favourite black forest cake bought by Suraj anne and Hari anne.
With my name and my age on it.
Everyone present sang birthday song for me.
And what else, with a big smile on my face, I made my wish and cut the cake.

I am truly so touched by it. :')
Thank you so much to all of them who had made today a special one.
Even if it is not my birthday today, the thought of it and your willingness to do this for me was just too great for me.
The people who had made today a special day for me. :)

I fell so grateful, feel that I'm still remembered by my friends.
Thanks again. :)

And, not to forget,
Had so much of laughs till I didn't realize the time also. hee.
Looking forward for our next gathering.
Anyway, missed Shalu akka today.
She was not feeling well, that's why she couldn't make it.
Hope she get well soon. ^^

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