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Incredible Mother Nature

Mother Nature.
Our Beautiful, incredible yet kind Mother Nature.

Despite all the cruelty done to the mother nature,
mother nature does only one thing to us. It gives. All the time.

It fulfills our needs.
It becomes an eye candy for us with its' beauty
It helps us to calm down.

But, as all of us know, there's a limit for everything.
How much can the earth accept. When all we do is, abusing, polluting, destroying and not loving it.
At times, its only fair when you pay for what you do/take.
But, in this case, we take then we pay.
And we pay in terms of experiencing mother nature's anger in the form of disasters.
From it, we realize that we can never be able to rise from the effect, easily.
Still, we forget all that after sometimes.

Nature of human, I guess. To forget after sometime.

Anyway, love it while you still have it.
There's no use in lamenting after it is gone.

This is applicable not only to humans but to everything around us. Including Mother Nature.

If life is too boring, look out of your window.
There are a lot more that you have not seen..
Life is not the same when you have the whole earth to explore.

Here are some of God's beautiful creation.

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