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LatEsT bLabbEriNgs..



Exams are just around d corner.. ~>_<~
And i have not started anything!! ~T_T~
Oh, maann!!
And 4 out of 5papers are one after one.. +_+*
13.05.2013⇨Behaviour and classroom management
14.05.2013⇨ Teaching listening and speaking skills in an ESL primary class
15.05.2013 is d craziest day!!
⇨ Teaching reading skills and vocabulary in primary ESL classroom
⇨ Song and Poetry for young learner in primary ESL classroom
20.05.2013⇨ kurikulum dan pedagogi sains pendidikan rendah

Die la this time! Timetable so packed!!!
I have to do something. ::>_<::
*Stress gilerrr*

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