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Girls day out

Yesterday went for dinner with classmates. Just the girls.
Went to a shop, it was kinds dirty. Siew Chen was like, "Nisha, this its so dirty, how am I supposed to sit here."
Hehe. Her voice is so cute and the way she says that. hehe. That's the cutest thing about her.

Fruit juice seemed to be the who's each of us ordered a drink. I ordered kiwi juice. It was super awesome. And they had 3 different choice for your glass. Small, medium, and large.

If you ask me, the medium was already so big *couldn't finish my drink actually which was a medium glass*

So, I had, top either laksa or nasi briyani. Since the glass was big I doubted if I could eat a lot. So I had laksa. As I doubted. I didn't  finish my food. Muahaha. So isn't back to campus with a stomach that felt like it has a baby, so stretched and hard. Hehehe.

Overall, it was fun having dinner with classmates. Never did before. This might just be the beginning for a better rapport. Hopefully.gee.

Sorry ok didn't take any pictures my friends, once I have them, I'll post them here.

Have a nice day ahead people. :-)
Oh, I'm signing off with a big smiley since my class had been canceled. Which means that,I have no class at all today.
I know, that's a great be Ed. So. Um. Don't be jealous peeps. :p

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