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Happy Teacher's Day!

I wouldn't say that it is the only hardest, most noble nor amazing career.
But I would say that,
Because of this career, you and I can decode this encoded symbols.
Because of this career, you and I are pretty knowledgeable.
Because of this career, you and I are motivated to be where we are now.
And, because of that, I would like to thank all those who had taught, motivated, encouraged, supported and even had beliefs on me. Especially to my grandpa (my first teacher. :p), Tr. Roszana, Tr. Vasantha, Tr. Bremma,Tr. Jehan, Tr. Sulo and Tr. Fadzilah.

Without you I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you, teachers.

Not forgetting lecturers in IPG KDRI for being a part in the process of making me a teacher. :))

So, Thank you everyone. Continue to spread the love and our purpose.
Happy Teacher's Day to all the educators! (''o)

Kami guru Malaysia,
Berikrar dan berjanji
Mendidik dan memimpin
Putra putri negara kita.

#always felt the goosebumps when listening to this song. 
Never knew then, that I would be singing this song today.

#Saya Guru Malaysia

#I am a teacher in making.

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