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Can't comment or like on Facebook?

I am facing the above mentioned problem from just now. This stuff really got my nerves. Huhh.

I'm not someone who can stand not good changes that occurs drastically.  I mean out occurred even without giving warning. I'm so hating it right now. Eeee. :@

I searched for the cause of this problem. And  found two reasons.
First. Its because something is wrong with the internet setting. Something top do with cookies or something.

Which I can't be mad at.

So. the Second one.  Its because some crazy people had blocked me in Facebook for posting inappropriate stuffs.

Oh. Please la. I'm not someone like that. If ur so annoyed with my posts. Feel free to unfriend and get going.

What you did. It makes people's work go havoc.

Fine. Facebook is not so important. But yet. Its like a must. For me to check everyday.
So because of you:
-I'm angry right nie
- I had to waste time top find for the solution which I can't find yet.
-and etc.

So, thank u. :p

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