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Death reminds me of LIFE.

Rest in Peace, periappa.
We got attached lately.
Sad that I did not get close to you earlier.
Still could remember the way you smiled at me.
I myself would get upset if someone did not understand what I was saying, but I wonder how you could stand when people don't get you with you not being able to speak.
I still could remember you repeating so that I could understand what you were trying to say.
I loved your will and determination to live.
I loved the way you stood so proud of me.
Thank lord for giving me one final chance to be with you right before you leave us forever.

Your demise.
Reminded me of  life.
So easily I took life for granted.
For I believed everyday is the same as I do the same thing again and again everyday.
One thing I forgot.
I forgot that God had written everything for us.
I forgot that any moment anything could happen.
Life is not to be taken easily.
Time is not to be taken easily.

One should do everything that they have to do while they still live the second.
For the next second is not ours.
For time and death waits no man.

Rest in Peace, periappa.
May your afterlife relieve you from all your pains and restrictions.

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