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Want to 'repair/ mend' your feelings?
Want to relax?
Want to feel the love?
Want to teleport to another place?
Want to convey your feelings but can't find the right words?
Want to just imagine stuffs?
Want to stay high?

I have a solution!

Listen to songs!
In love- Listen to love songs
Just broke up- Listen to sad songs
Feel demotivated- Listen to some advising songs
Feel want to wreck someone- Listen to some crazy songs
Want to break a bone- Listen to some fast songs

Whatever you want, songs can do that for you! Ahaks!

Want to get drugged.
Indian, Tamil 90's songs would be the best idea!
Nothing is more intoxicating than that.
The combination of the beats, music, the voice, humming and the lyric.
It will bring you wherever you want!
And make you feel all that you want!

That's the power of songs!
Proud to be an Indian.
Indians who creates the best musics ever!  :p
Indians who can never be defeated in expressing their feelings!
Hehehehe. *Enjoying such songs right now!*

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