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Long day!

Not much things today. but yet it is a long day. WAS a long day.
2 assignments got extensions. ;)
But still, have to do it right. just that I don't have to rush about. hee.
Tomorrow have UB which is Unit Beruniform.
KRS is in-charge of tomorrow's assembly.
So, gotta be there early. :/
Planted a coconut tree 2weeks ago. hee. hope it's still alife. hahaha. :p

Almost had an argument with a friend today. ahaks.
Thank God everything went smoothly.And yea.
Learnt something.
NEver think twice to do something.
That too, if it is easy to do.
Which is to say sorry. *Even if it is not your mistake but when the person involved is dear to u.*

I could have just shut myself up.
But. Don't know what made me to think that I had to say sorry to her.
And I said it.
Then she said sorry too. :o
She said she was so sorry to behave in such a way because she felt so stressed.

Summary: A sorry had saved the day. ;)

So peeps.
If something happened.
Don't hesitate to say sorry or to make up. If you value the relationship.
Because. Once there's a scratch in your relationship. It can be plastered, it can be healed.
But once a scratch. Forever a scratch.

Nights peeps. ^^

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