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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year people!
Yeah, it is NEW YEAR for all the HINDUS in the world.
I'm pretty sure that not everyone knows that we have our own calender system to count the years.
So, yea, we celebrate new year every 1st day of CHITTIRAI month which falls on 14th of APRIL.
This year is the KALIYIUGA 5114th year according to Indians. And this year is called, VIJAYA year which is assumed to be The Year of Success.
Probably, everyone are going to be successful this year. Hopefully. ~AUM~

On this auspicious day, we have a special prayer at home.
Then we would go to temple to take part in the special prayers conducted at temple.
After that, we would just hang around with family members enjoying the special homemade vegetarian food and sweetmeats.

Last year on this day, I was home. Experiencing all that I mentioned earlier.
But this year, here I am at campus.
Right now, I just came back from class. :/
And I'm having flu now because I ate watermelon that also during rain. :3

One thing that consoles me is that wherever I am,
God is there too.
He is here too, I believe. ^^
I hope He heard my prayer this morning. (haven't pray for the evening yet) :p

Oh yea, one more thing.
My aunt always tell me that whatever I do on New Year,
I probably gonna do that throughout the year too.
I think I have been good till this minute.
SO, lets hope and pray to HIM so that this year is gonna be a good year for me.
At least better than last year. ^^

God bless everyone! :DHappy New Year @ VIJAYA- Chittirai Putthaandu Vaalthukal. ^^

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