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What Do I Get?

Hey peeps.
So today's title.
What do I get? ah-huh?
no idea. hee. its alright. Because I am about to pour the contents right from my heart and brain.. :p
ever seen people whom are sensitive? not the sensitive where people are allergic to dust, seafood and etc. But the sensitive where people are naturally sensitive to everything. especially matters concerning to the heart.
these people are basically so sensitive that they can be easily hurt, broken, feel deteriorated and etc.

why are there this kind of people?
I'm not quite sure about this.
but i believe, its because of the environment that they had grew up in.
maybe in their past life, something happened. 
until, they are afraid to express themselves.
until, they are scared to be or get themselves hurt by others. (defensive)
until, they had created a wall of isolation around them.
until, they ad lost trust in others.
which finally makes them to be someone,
who takes things too personally, 
who overanalyze situations,
who are terribly absorbed in their own reactions.

the factors for them to get hurt can simply be anything.
it can be the words, the way people treat this sensitive person or even the tone in which people are using when they are talking to this tender-hearted person.
all this is influenced by the wild imagination of the sensitive people who usually come up with their own conclusion without thinking the rational behind something that had happened solely based on heart and not using their brain. and this is usually an involuntary action, where the affected party has no option. when something happen, the mind just draw a conclusion.

what does this people get then?
A pinch of pain, a fistful of pain, a bunch of pain, a bucket of pain, a sea of pain?
it is simply a suffering to both your emotion and mental.
and its another headache when they like to keep it to themselves. like harbouring their emotions in their heart.
this eventually will result in a catchy headline, 'a _____ died of a heart explosion'.
i'm sure you get what i'm trying to say. haha..
(died because of bottled-up emotions)

so What Do I(sensitive person) Get?
is it bad or good being a sensitive person?
i think it has more disadvantages than any slightest benefit.
this is because, this people's days, life can only be filled with pain and tears then happiness, purely, exclusively because of their own selves.
but, its not one's choice to be sensitive. 
they just had to be so. 
if given chance, no one wants to go through a hell of hurtful days, right?

this piece of writing is not about others. its entirely based on my thoughts and feelings..
and its not based on any professional theories or etc.
so if there's any dissatisfaction, i'm sorry.. 
this is just to pour out feelings.. ^^

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