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Are meant to be broken.
If one trusts another then why should they promise?
I trust you would keep a secret.
Then why should I ask you to promise that you won't tell anyone?
Didn't I trust you?

SO promise,
What is it?
Something to test trust?

Promise is Trust.
But if you trust, you shouldn't lay a promise.

I trusted.
But I asked for a Promise.
And it was broken.
Like a mirror.
Into a million pieces.
The one that was broken was the Promise.
And also the trust.

How would I ever trust to tell a secret to the same person again.?
For you had disappointed me.
You may have thousand reasonable reasons or excuses.
But things are not the same anymore.

Once it is broken, it will never be the same.
Let it be the mirror, promise, trust and also heart.
The scars will never fade,
So do the consequences.

For, all those are made not in a day,
It takes everything to build the trust.
But it doesn't even take a second to demolish it into ashes.

The song of the heart today.
feel very disappointed or better said,
Feel ashamed of someone who is writing this.
A sense of betrayal.
For she had failed to be a good daughter.
To a great dad who have always believed in her.
Leaving the heart in thousands of emotions and thoughts.

The only things that could be expressed is through,
a word spelled 'SORRY'.
Which has no meaning.
and thus, creating
countless unseen tears.

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