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A new temptation.

I am tempted to this new thing, Gadgets for my little or perhaps medium in size wrist.. :D
hee.. its nothing else but wrist watches..
While I was browsing through mr.Google, I was influenced by i don't know what actually.. hehe..
back to story, i did some findings on the latest watches, especially the one that comes as L.E.D
I am sure everyone knows what LED stands for. if you don't, then here it is, LED means, Diode such that light emitted at a p-n junction is proportional to the bias current; colour depends on the material used..

so, i would like to share the pictures of those watches that had really lured me.. hee..

the first and foremost is the PEBBLE e-PAPER..
this thingy here, had really caught people's attention by drawing a sum of 5 MILLION DOLLARS through KICKSTARTER to fund the development of the apps..
 and this stuff as really cool apps that can make you go wow like me.. haha..

next comes the QLOCKTWO..

 i have no words to describe the awesomeness of this watch.. for i am so in love with it.
this thing comes in few colours, so u can crack your head and choose the best one for u.. hehe..

my another favourite is MUTEWATCH..

Mutewatch is a touch sensitive, wearable piece of technical badassery. Tap the flat surface of the watch and the hidden screen appears – as if from no where. Change the time and switch functions (timer, clock, alarm) with the same motions you’re already comfortable with: swipe and pinch. 

It’s svelte, comes in three colors (white, grey and red), and charges with standard USB.

Tibida Binary LED
now this is what i call fantabulous!

Tibida comes in two styles: polished stainless steel case with black face or the limited edition Midnight Edition with an IP black case and all look fab actually.:D

Tokyo comes up with few cool wrist watches too..
among that is, Tokyoflash negative..

Kisai Kaidoku

Kisai Optical Illusion 

displays the time digitally, hours in the upper half of the screen, minutes in the lower half of the screen. Just touch the screen to reveal the time.
You can also train your eyes to see the time through the optical illusion.

The direction of the lines in the display allow your eyes and brain to process only the lines that make up the digits to reveal the time in hours and minute

nice uh?
i know,. haha..
i hope you had gained some info about these geeky gadgets.. which are indeed cool!

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