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Superman flies like?

hye there.
today i would like to share something that was shared with me by my cute girlfriend here.
once she asked me, ' Nisha, do you know why Superman flies like this? (while shoving her right hand  upwards and her left hand same level to her waist)
i said i had no idea.

do you have any idea?
you don't really have to think very seriously or critically..
because when you know the answer, you'll either give me your 'Duhh, whatever?' look, or ROFL.. hehe..

but if you would want to save your time or don't wish to think further,
here's the answer...
but before that, don't get mad with me yea. it's just for the sake of fun.. ^^

the answer is because, Superman is driving. He holds the steering wheel with his right hand while he holds the gear lever with his other hand..
hahaha.. funny? x beat me yea! :D
oh yea, credits to the founder of the question and also the answer, MISS CHEN, my cutie gf.. ^^

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