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Adolescent Love VS. Young Adulthood Love

Hye people. today's topic. i was quite interested when i cam across the topic psycho-social development topic in Child Development today. it was all about emotions, attachments, sense of security and moral development.
so, where did this topic came from?
yea, its actually under Erik Erikson's  8 stages of psycho-social development.

i had modified a bit of the topic for nowadays love, relationships are common among primary school students or better if i term them as children.
so which one is better?
love at the age of 12-18 or love at 18-35?

love at adolescents.
*mainly because of the influence from the environment, mass medias and etc.
* because they want to try something new.
* they want to feel the love from others which they fail to receive from family.
* children are attracted to their peers who could make them happy most of the time.
*being bullied or forced to get into a relationship.

so is it puppy love, infatuation or real love?
there's no definite answer for it. ( i don't have it actually)

but, there are love that had begun at a very early age, which had proved to be true and sincere.
among the love which was famous was Laila and Majnu. if i'm not mistaken, they had fall in love at a very young age.

now, love at young adulthood.
at this age, people would have a clearer view on what they need and definite about the criteria's they look in their future partners.
so it means, this is more into reality.
and it may be because of infatuation, or even lust too.
people tend to fail in this too because,
they expect too much,
can't get along,
high level of ego,
feeling of superiority over one another,
lacking of understanding,
failing to keep to the promises, and etc..

love can occur at any time.
you don't have to be young nor old.
it comes, when it has to.
but one should be able to realize which one is love and which one is infatuation or etc.
then only they can build a relation like the romeo and juliet, like our grandpa and grandma, like dad and mom, like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, like Surya and Jyothika and etc.

so, its up to you which one to believe.. ^^
a little bit of something that i found from Mr. Google specially for you.. :)

"infatuation is transcendent; love in down to earth.

infatuation creates a fantasy; love accepts a reality.

infatuation is an addiction; love is a commitment.

infatuation craves unity; love cherishes separateness.

infatuation evades responsibility; love wholeheartedly accepts it.

infatuation is effortless; love is hard work.

which makes the transition hard."

good night people.. =)

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