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A difficult moment.

Problems are common.
Might be a simple one but would cause much sadness and uneasy feelings.
Which wouldn't last really long.
But this time.
It wasn't something simple I guess.
So much of unexpressed feelings.
And wrong timing and place too.
If was in campus, would have had some time to sort out things.
But being here, makes me unable to talk and solve things.
This makes the problem not really solved.
Its not solved actually.
Need time.
To put everything back to normal.
To gain whatever being lost.
To build whatever being demolished.
To start afresh again.
For, much have been felt in such a little time.
Which was never expected from a particular person.

Whatever it is.
Should never give up.
For he never gave up on me when i let him down.
For this is not only about me, but it is about us.
Problems are common.
That is what makes us keep going.
That is what makes us stay stronger.

Mighty God..
Give me the strength to go through this.
Give me the calmness, the patience,
Give me the heart to accept everything as usual.

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