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LatEsT bLabbEriNgs..


hollaa.. :D

hye semua.. ;))
howdy peeps??
everyone in holiday mood i guess.. hahaha..
me toow!! today is the second last day in my campus.. hehehe..
haha.. me going back home tomorrow after nearly 2months plus lor!! happy sesangat!!
so, this may be the last post for till another 1 week lorr.. sabar yea.. hehe..
im x sure what is my plans 1ce i reach my home.. but i have a long list lor..
among the things in my must do list are....
=) hang out with my family of course..
=) meet my besties!!! <3
wana see that two pretty hottiess..;))
=) do a video with my besties.. (excited)
=) take my spm cert.. (org laen semua dah ambil.. except me...=.=)
=) go down my hometown.. meet my aunties,,
example of my favourite food.. :))
=) eat home made food!!!
=) do assignment.. T.T
=) beraya at friends house.. :))
=) buy my deepavali dress (later x sempat lorr.. hahaha..)
=) continue to learn driving from daddy..(even though ady gt P =.= )
so far only diz lar..
*only diz???*

x knw if can do all that in a week.. huhuhu.. hope for the best lorr.. :D
so advance selamat hari raya semua!! :D
n safe journey yea.. :))
kita njoy jerr diz week.. have fun wif ur loved ones peeps!! :))

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