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unlucky day :'(

as d title sounds.. it is indeed an unlucky day for me today..
the first thing was.. i ponteng assembly today.. which was x purposely actually.. i was little late so i just stay in my room lorr.. aft i reach my class i gt to knw that they have started to take attendance.. :'(
so, starting tomorrow i have to attend assembly if i x want lesser allowance..

den.. my tutor got mad cz one of my classmate.. den some of em x do the slides that she had asked for.. so wt else.. letuplah she.. pity her.. if i was in her place aso i'd feel the same.. but the prob is me,. erm the otha innocent peeps aso terkena tempiasnyarr.. huuhuhu.. :'(

den d final one(for now/till now, 14:17, 11/09/2011)
mommy!!! :'( :'( *sob sob sob*
the atm machine retained my card lorrr!!!
i reloaded and just wanted to withdraw money when d card suddenly came out.. so i pushed it back.. den that stupid atm makan my card! sediyh gilerrr!! huhuhu....
so i couldn't take money lorr.. dah lar papa kedana.. den just wanted to spend the allowance that i have just got.. gini pula jadinyerr..
den i went to the bank.. but dat lady der told that i have to wait for a whole week... and that i need to have my acc book to get abck my card.. but the problem is that its with my daddy.. =.=
so i have to bother him to post me that..
see.. bcz of the atm machine.. i had so much trouble.. sooooo sad....

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Miss Eunice said...

lorh..nevermind..take it as an experince then..;)

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