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LatEsT bLabbEriNgs..


berbuka with classmates TESL4.. :))

hye people...
today i nak cite sikit pasal kelas i.. hehe..
im in this class for nearly a year..
there are 33 of us in this class..
we may not be the same.. but we love each other!! lebih lebih plak.. haha..
yesterday kitorang sama2 berbuka puasa.. eventhough i did't fast..=.= 

the venue (aiz corner) was not vry far from our campus.. so kitorang gt ready utk buncitkan perut2 nie pkul 7sumthing.. (even though it was supposed to b 6.30pm..) haha..

the menu was simply so delicious lorr.. jz loved the smell of the food! haha.. ada nasi, tomyam ayam, ayam goreng, omelet, kailan ikan masin (my favourite) hehe, then got kerabu ayam-sumthing new for me, n fried bawal dipped in ketchup.. whoa.. nice ryte! haha.. u shoud come down to aiz corner if u happen to come to batu rakit lorr.. hehe.. i bawa u all k.. (if u cm here la) haha..

so, here are some of the pictures i took that time.. :))

this is said.. one of my best buddy in the class.. i just love her so much! she's soo cute!!

this is siew chen.. a hot stuff in our class.. hehe.. comey kan..  vry funny girl..

from left: Kujaimah( lecturer's used to ask if she's japanese... she's real pretty.., den farhana( d quiet girl) n siew chen (d cute one...)

overall i enjoyed myself lorr.. the 13bucks i paid is real worth as d food was seriously scrummy!! yum yumm.... :D
thanx to the organisers!

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