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LatEsT bLabbEriNgs..


hullo... :))

hye dearies......:))
sehat semua??
haha.. im so attached to my lappy  since my class finished at 11am.. haha.. know why?? sebab blog-walking lar.. setia sangat sampai x tido pown.. haha.. lebih2 plak nie..:p

niway.. i just did d header lor.. asked some1 about hw to do it.. tapi dia dgn tone sarcasticnyer berkata, 'carilah kat tutorial tue..'..
so sad lorr.. :'(

disebabkan tue..balik jerr.. i started to find stuffs lorr.  so tadaa.. this is the result of 'dating' with lappy for the past 7hours.. ok x?? i feel 1 kind nie lorr.. macam x best jerr.. :S

i see the others blog, all so cool n comey2.. but mine.. x words to describe lorr.. hurmm.. but nvm.. my bestie n i are gona work on it when i go back home for raya! haha.. cnt wait for it.. hehe..

with that i rest my eyes n fingers of the lappy for now.. hahaha..

selamat berbuka dear malay friends.. :))

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Miss Eunice said...

walwawey! who said that laa? iskh..mntah2 owg tnye psal tutorial..
nvm babe, just chill..haa..
n btw, yr header is cute lor..haha..u use wat huh?

Miss Nisha said...

gt la sum1.. hehe.. siyes ah?? haha.. i used d paint programme nie lor.. hahaha...

Miss Eunice said... sombong person..werido..
ouh? then the doodle leh?

Miss Nisha said...

use paint aso lorr.. :S

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