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hye dearies.. tetiba rasa cam nak post sumthing abt my class lor..

1st comes my best class.. 5 ar... 5 al-Razi
aww man.. 2008 n 2009 are the best years 4 me lorr.. cz of this people in this class.. i just love them so much!!
we are like a family! we are always together through thick and thin.. we love each other so much that no one can do anything to our special unbreakable bond!!

i think.. better the pictures speak now.. hehehe.. so here we go..
these are us.. the AR 08/09
eunice ~mohini~nawawi~ainun~akmal~aimi~me(nisha)~

resh~me~af~eu on the last day of spm

during our graduation day with tr.Chan, our class tr.. 

each day we did something new...
never were apart..
everyday was awesome..
everyday never wanted to apart..
everyday wish for the dawn,
so that we can meet again..
to gossip, to fight, to laugh together..
to create the best days of our life..

how i miss those beautiful days.. wish can go back again there...

next is my class now....

we just know ourselves.. still long way to go (4years some more le..) o.O
kinda funny class.. we may from so called 'kelas bong' (=.=)
but we are the best among the rest.. haha,.. no one can beat us lorr..
we made history by getting no.4 in the aerobic competition.. where no other TESL nor junior kids reached.. haha..
dats one of our best achievement lorr..

so here is us.. :))

pp sem 3 TESL 4

comey tak?? :D

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Miss Eunice said...

hee..i miss those days! >.<

Miss Nisha said...

yea babe.. :'(

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