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Saya Anggun Berbaju Kurung

holaa again..
haha.. me joining a competition nw.. ahaha..
diz competition is something new for me..  it sounds fun for me.. if u feel so.. do click the banner k.. :))

since i only have 1 baju kurung.. i x have much picture of myself in it..
but thank god i found 1.. haha.. so here it is..

sorry yer... utk gambar yg tidak seberapa cantik ni.

so about this picture..
i took it this year..
masa jadi usher utk registration junior..
n baju tue ialah of course the batik of IPG KDRI.. 
i love the colour n design so much..
the only thing that i x really like is that..
i have to spend nearly an hour to iron it. huhu..
bt tidak dpt dinafikan bahawa.. hehe.. i actually love wearing it..
even though i nearly fall down few times cz terpijak kain yg amat lah panjang tue.. haha
so, moral of the story, jahit baju ikut exact size k.. especialy wehn u knw that ur renek.. like me..=.=

so, peeps.. wish me luck yea.. =.=

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ame elms ! said...

ame singgah nak wish good luck nie ! good luck . :)) ehh , meh tengok gambar ame yang segak berbaju melayu pule .

and Selamat Hari Raya too . -.-

Miss Nisha said...

@ame elms~ thanx yea.. :) good luck to u toow! :))

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