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CONTEST HARI RAYA (Tajaan DropletHouse)

1st time gi jalan sambut Hari Raya.. ((:

After finding through my album, nilah yg saya dapat.. they asked for a family picture, but x pernah plak celebrate dgn family kann.. (sorry yerr. huhu)., but they are like my family toow, my classmates in upper secondary life(form4&5)! :D
eventhough it was the 1st time, sy enjoy giler2.. almaklumlah, raya attack tue dari pagi hinggalah ke malamnya..*hahaha* will never forget that day! 

so peeps whom i want em to join this contest are...

doesn't this eye catchy?? i love this so much!  

interested? more info?

3 0 comments:

shafmechy said...

alrite..thanks join..gud luk ye.. =)

Miss Nisha said...

thanx you.. :)

ekin alias said...

jom join contest pulak :D


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