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Unnale, unnale, ellame, ellame unnale thaan.
Because of you, everything is just because of you..

Ni parthe paarvaikoru nandri..
Thank you for the look that you gave.

Ondra iranda aasaigal, ellam sollave or naal pothuma?
There's no one or two wishes, is a day enough to tell all.

Thurathil ni vanthale, en manasil mazhai adikkum.
Seeing you from far brings rain in my heart.

Unathu kangalil, enathu kanavinai kaane pogiren.
I'm going to see my dreams in your eyes.

en kannukulle koodu katti, kaathu kulle koovum kuyile.
ni etti-etti pogayile, vittu-vittu pogum uyire.
You nest in my eyes, sing in my ears,
the further you go, life leaves on and off.

Uyir ennodu irukayile, ni mannodu povathu engge.
When your life is with me, there's no way you'll go into the soil.

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