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Its over! :D

My birthday party is over.
It was so hectic.
Sleepless nights worrying about it.
Tears too! When I had to do the threading which was so freaking painful! :'(

The party was awesome, except the part where I gave a speech.
It was totally terrible.
And the songs!
Gosh. They used different songs. They didn't take the songs that I had chosen.

Anyway, it was great, thanks to dad n mom who had really took all the trouble to make the event a successful one.
Thanks to Uncle Subra and Aunt Prema for the delicious food,
Uncle Raja for the photos..
Sara anne for the hawt deco.
And everyone for the gifts and 'angpau's'.
Especially to my besties!
Was so touched with the scrap book.
I was really touched by your wishes. :')
You really took time to do that for me..
That was so nice of all of you. :')
Thanks again Eunice, Reshie, AF, Isa and Shenan. :')

Everyone said I looked pretty, But I felt that I looked so chubby. :/
Don't know which one is true. hahaha.. :D

Anyway, its over now.
SO I can sleep well now.. :D

Anyway, thanks again to everyone..
The event wouldn't be an event without you people. ^^

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Miss Eunice said...

you are welcome! =D

glad you like it..hehe..

and you DO look beautiful! so different form the girl i talked to when we were in form 1. lol.

Miss Nisha said...

heee.. thanks darlliiinngg.. :)

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