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Starting to get worried. :/

There's only a week to go for my birthday.
Supposedly, I should be excited about it.
But here I am, getting so worried.

All because of my appearance, I believe.
I'm so not ready at all to see people. especially new people like this.
My parents and aunts themselves tease me all the time.
The new people might won't do different thing right.

Super nervous.
Wish I can either:
*Revert the time and ask my dad to cancel the event.
*Change the numbers on the weighing scale
*Change myself.

I know these are impossible.
So, I'm freaking out!
Gosshh. Don't know what to do now. Lost. :/

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Miss Eunice said...

cheer up darl! dont worry lor. everything is gonna be all right yea? =)

Miss Nisha said...

Thanks dearriiee..
Thanks for the gift! Was so touched! :')

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