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New room..

Starting today, I'm one of the tenant in Blok Siti Khadijah, which is just next to my old block.
And, this is officially my third room in 6semesters.. :p
the first time i moved, because there was some problem with the administration n bla2..
and now, I had to shift because my old room 'bocor'.
Ermm. It rained in my room whenever it rains cats and dogs.
So, i had to move because the rain water falls directly in my bed and table.
I had been going through like for 2 years.
Can't take it anymore, so shifting was the best option.
An today, with my darling friend's help.
I had carried all my things from the fourth floor of Siti Fatimah to the third floor in Siti Khadijah.
I feel that it is worth it since the room is nice and clean. ^^

So thankful to Little Siew Chen.
Don't know what i would have done if she didn't come and help me.
was so touched actually. :')
Very hard to find people who really want to help the friends', right?

So, may this new room give me more good things and not centipedes and rainfalls. heee..
Very tired, right now. :/
Gonna hit the bed soon! :D
Night peeps. ^^

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