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It takes more than just patience to talk with those who are elder than you.
Anyone who don't want to agree, can come and see me personally. :p
We shall discuss about it! :P

Yea. I'M just so short and hot-tempered.
People, young or old.
You should respect everyone's opinion.
If someone is saying something, don't say something that is like totally opposite of what one is saying.
Even if you don't agree with it, say it in a good manner.
WORDS ARE SHARPER THAN SWORD!! *Figuratively as well as literally*

I may not like what my brother does. Nor I'm saying that my brother is right.
But when you say something bad about him, done't expect me to keep shut!
He's my brother! Mind it!

Wish I can say back things.
But. what to do.
I'm not good at doing that. :/
So sad. :(

Oh god. Give me the strength to control my emotions.

Good Night people.

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