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Day out!

Had a long day with little but big brother today.
Or better to be described as tall and thin brother who is a younger brother. hee..
It has been a longg time since we had a good time together.

All that has been replaced today.
Nice lunch and a little shopping. ^^

How he looks now, I don't really prefer it. :p
But, he's still my brother. Nothing can change that fact though.
I wish the best for him. I always want to see him happy.
I always want the best for him.
He may not understand what I'm saying now.
Hope he'll understand it soon.

May God bless him with a mind that can think rationally.
Entertainment and too much of freedom is not good. Seriously.
So. May everything fall in place for him.
Want to see him in a good position.

At night, went to temple.
Heard things that are disturbing. Not what the priest had said, but what my aunt commented.
Hmm.. God knows what is the best for me.
May He guide me.

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