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Why are hearts so prone to get hurt?

As per the tittle.. (which is actually kinda related to my mood, feeling right now)
i would like to bable about it today..                                                                
i don't know about others. but i'm quite prone to this hurts..(quite often indeed)
and i usually have no idea about why i am like that..
i really hate when i had to feel this.
but i can't help it.. i had been, and still feeling it anyway..
even though people try not to hurt people, they still ended up hurting people, why is that so?
I got no idea.. =.=
huh.. the feeling.. the feel of the heart aching slowly, then continue into throbbing.. that's indeed very painful.
the reason might be stupid really stupid. it might be understood by the brain, but.  the heart tend not to listen to the brain..
i think they are enemies!
that's why THE HEART AND BRAIN NEVER GET TOGETHER.. they never agree to a thing.. and they are even so far from each other!!
The NEVER Ending War..
duhh.. hmm.. i think the reason is clean and clear now..
which is.. because of the sensitive heart and sharp(:S) words.. which stabs into the tiny sensitive heart.. even if the word is not that sharp, it still hurt the heart.. correct?
is there anytime where there can never be a wound even caused by a blunt knife? what am i blabbering??
i'm too messed up.. got to go.. if not, don't know what else i'd palaver..
just a little advice.. TO MYSELF..
Do listen to your brain.. at least once in a while.. its telling for your own good actually..
hush2.. good night peeps.. sleep tight.. sweet. erm hurtful dreams! :p

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