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What can a few minute song do to us.?

mixed up feelings. listening to songs can really make you think, dream and even imagine things that are beyond everything.
beyond the time, beyond the limitations, beyond everything you're capable of.
makes you to live in your dream world, in your dream life, in your beautiful imagination and fairytale for few moments.
when the song is over, everything is back to normal. your feet touches the land again.
which makes you to listen to the song again, so that you can continue to live in the beautiful world that you had created.
songs are addicitive, i belief because of this very reason.
Because, it let you to live as you wish for that very moment.
when in real life, you're not able to do any of it.

even if the imaginations aren't real, no one would dare to wake up from the 'sleep'.
for, there isn't a word to describe the effect of the ecstacy of the songs to us.
until, we get what we want in our life right after we ask for it.
there can never be an end for songs,
because, it gives the pleasure of seeing the things that we wish, we hope and we dream that would happen in our life, one day.

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