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The crazy decisions due to NUMBNESS in the hurt heart..

As the title goes, when one is trying to recover from a heart break, heart hurt or anything else..
He or she tend to create so many new rules, new boundaries, new plans and etc.
Why they do so.. Its because they want to create a numbness in heart by creating a more painful situation.

These new decisions are usually more to hurt themselves.
But they would be so eager of practicing it to feel the numbness.  
The new ideas are actually, basically related to what they went through actually, its actually influenced by the moments and everything related to what they had went through earlier.

Let's say it hurts their heart so much when one's loved one didn't do something.. then, they assume crazy things, then decide to not to ask the loved one to do that again.
This really sounds crazy and so stupid.
But this happened and even still happen.
One might perhaps never understand why he or she does that.
Its one's own feelings and heart.

Even if we stand in their shoes, we might never be able to know why they did so.
Because its all related to heart. and no one knows what is in one's heart.
Perhaps, he or she wants that because, they don't want to hurt
the loved one, or maybe they want to create a wall around them, or even maybe because they want to be numbed by the pains. Which we can never be able to understand or realize..
Its a matter of  a heart. It can never be explained by words nor be understood by others.. <3 <3                

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