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True love and care don't see if you are normal or not.. It just happens.... And nothing can ever separate those lovely hearts... Another movie which reminds me to be  proud of the special bond that i share with my 'the one' whom i tend to overlook at times.. deivathirumagal @ i am sam..

you're so strict..
you restrict from doing things that i like..
you're advisor..
you always advice me in everything..
its true sometimes i don' like to be the one you want me to be..
better still..
i have gained good names because of that..
i'm old enough to do what i want now..
but still..
i'm trying to be your favorite little girl..
who follows things that you prefer..
i don't want to regret on the day that you're no longer with me..
i want to make you happy as long as you live..
i don't want to be like certain people who don't care about thee and do things according to their wish..then... then.. when thee is gone.. wail and say that i'll do whatever you want.. please come back..

its better to do what thee like when they are still there to see it.. instead of doing it when thee is gone..
one only know the importance of something when it is no longer with them..
love it.. do all it takes while thee is still with you..
i'll do so.. even if i less prefer it..
for i love you so much daddy....

daddy driving.. hee..

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Sayuri said...

Nice poem!!!

Miss Nisha said...

@sayuri.. thsnx yar... :))

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